Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Ok is anyone else trying to be thrifty with their spending this year, or am I the only cheapskate in America?
Some people are getting cash. The rest are getting hand made gifts. I am 3/4 through a sweater just like the brown one(only its deep green) with 2 or 3 more to go before Christmas(not all the same sweater). Oh the joy! I really want to try and sneak one for my daughter, that's going to be interesting.

I also have this teddy bear set to make for my niece whose birthday is on December 19th. PLUS various scarves, hats, slippers and so on....
What was I thinking when I said to myself..."We are NOT using credit cards this year for presents, I don't care WHO it is!"? I mean WHAT?!?!
Oh wait, oh yeah, that massive debt that continues to build regardless of how good you are at making payments each month. That mysterious charge that is written in size 3 font at the bottom of the agreement that you sign. That sudden "payment protection" charge that shows up unannounced one month even though you never said yes to anyone to receive it. Then when you call and cancel it they say well, you may see one last charge for this month, but we'll take care of it, etc...blah, blah, blah...yeah whatever! BUT they won't credit it back to your account, cuz after all SOMEONE had to have agreed to this or they would have NEVER charged us for it in the first place....Uh....NO!

All of that ranting is full of sarcastic cynicism. Yes, I know. And yes, it stressed me out.

I get to take the day off tomorrow. We are going to go out of town and spend the night in a hotel and go swimming and do a little bit of Christmas shopping...(for those who get purchased gifts).
I hope that noone is overly needy that comes in the store tomorrow because my grandmother is watching the store for me and well....yeah, she will have a meltdown if anyone is too needy.

You can get the pattern for the little guys here: They are Melissa Mall's creation (too many hooks --->). But the castle is mine. I will post the pattern next time.

Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to update you on the 'chunky chest' from last week. My husband finally couldn't stand the all-night coughing serenade so he 'suggested' that I see a dr. So I did on Monday...I had bronchitis! YUK! I tell ya, I have had more than my fair share of coughing to last me a looooong time. I have been on antibiotics for 3 days now (azithromycin) and happy cough medicine laced with codeine for bedtime. So when I cough I tell people I'm not contagious anymore cuz I am taking medicine and my germs are too numb to be a threat.

I suppose I will let all of you get back to your blog hopping...I know I need to get back to mine...and my husband has just walked in. He has the personality of a door knob tonight, so I will spare you all....good night.


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