Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm A Saint!

I just took the "What Famous Person Are You?" test. Who are you???

I was really honest too! LOL That's the funny part. Man I guess I can feel pretty good about myself. Melissa @ Too Many Hooks was Einstein (which isn't too bad...she's really smart) but somebody she was reading was Hitler! Yikes!
OK, WIP's are shifting once again! I think I told you I finished Stefani's 'sweater from hell'. I am still working on the cutsie afghan. I have 6 squares completed and sewn together and am working the other 6. Ok, I'm not actually working on them...I have great intentions on working on them.
We are, however, hot and heavy into a "hat, mitten, scarf" drive for the local school district(s), so I am focusing my efforts on that right now. Well, ok, not totally since I made a scarf for my husband for Christmas and am currently working on a hat/mitten set for about a 4 month old. BUT...I do have my 'storefront' project as a pair of mittens for the charity box!
Let me break this down for you. I homeschool my kids here at the store. So in the time I sit down with them, I need to be working with my hands, so I have my baby hat project going on in that room(just cuz i've been dying to make that pattern again). Then when customers come in I have to have something to do with my hands while I am waiting on them to look and purchase, hence the mittens project. And the scarf was my "I'm sitting in my office with the bills paid and everything ordered, so I need something to do that I don't have to drag from another room into here..." project.
And I tried the whole dragging one project to all the rooms, that got old. So now I have a project for every room I have the potential to be in! :)
MMM....Chicken Pot Pie....Luscious!
MMM....Glass of, refreshing (but not luscious, caffeine free diet pepsi would be luscious!)
Ok, now that we all know what I ate for lunch...
I guess I'm going to get back to my hat now. Cuz some baby somewhere is going to need it done. Soon.