Friday, November 24, 2006

Time is Catching Up!

Time is catching up with me. I turned 35 on Wednesday. I am a delicate 5 years away from 40. My mom says that's when life begins. I don't know. I'm not depressed, I'm melancholy. My wonderful husband bought me 35 carnations (my favorite flower of all-time) to commemorate the day. He is beautiful.

I am also finding that time can be my enemy. I think...oh I blogged like last week...right?
Um, no. Try two weeks ago. yikes. What have I been doing? It has been so unbelievably busy here at the store, some days I don't know which end is up.

Today is 'breakfast with Santa' and a free movie at the local theater downtown. My kids walked themselves down to it. I am currently at work cuz it's the day after Thanksgiving and retail shops would be IDIOTS to not be open on that day! Not to mention I'm having a 10% off all the yarn in the store sale today and tomorrow. So here I am. Thankfully I have a high school student who can earn her keep and take care of the customers.:)

I have been dealing with a VERY juicy chest cold. Nothing in the nose, just the chest. I am on my way back to complete health, but I am tired. I would like to lay down and nap the rest of the day away. BUT...remember we are in the NorthWoods of Wisconsin here...and it is deer hunting week. Ya know the whole neon orange and camouflage look that drives the ladies crazy?!?
Uh huh. Tony tried the whole hunting scene for about 3-4 years. He finally decided after sleeping in the woods and freezing 3-4 years in a row that he was done with it. Besides we don't like the taste of venison. I can see hunting if you are going to feed your family with it, but not just to say you shot a deer. I would love to see him take up grouse/pheasant hunting. Those are uber yummy birds and it would give him an excuse to hold a gun. Besides its like 20 degrees warmer outside when you hunt for those than deer. Cold is NOT my friend!

**juicy cough break**

Ok. So all of that hunting talk to say that we are hosting a "Hunter's Widow Koffee Klutch" at the store today. So I do actually need to run to the store and get some sort of baked lusciousness to have with coffee. And I actually better hit the road, cuz it starts in a half hour and I'm a stickler for not being late.

TTFN! Happy Holidays!

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