Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vest Dress and Shawl done

Ok. This is the vest dress with shawl. The shawl proved to be very interesting to create. I tried doing it from the bottom up, but it was just turning into this great big triangle. Not what I wanted. So I went from the top down and I got what I wanted. :) Yay.
I am almost to the point of typing the instructions out on all of the patterns. I haven't quite gotten to organizing all of my scribbles into legible english.
Current WIP is the dress I forgot to mention last time in my long list of patterns to create.....Stefani wants me to create what she calls the "Pride and Prejudice" dress. It is an empire waist dress with a teardrop neckline, long sleeves and a peplum of sorts. One thing I am thankful for is that time period had LOTS of straight lines to their designing so I don't have to futz with a ton of foo-foo frills. (I hate frills). So 'sweater and leg warmers' is on the wait list now while I finish the 'pride and prejudice' dress. The new dress is being done in an eggplant purple. I hope it turns out the way my head sees it.

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