Thursday, January 11, 2007

WIP Roadblock and Chat time

I have hit my first roadblock in the American Girl dresses I'm designing. The sleeves on the 'pride and prejudice' dress don't want to do what I want them to do. I think I'm going to end up doing them seperate and sewing them on. And the peplum? Um, no. I forgot to leave a row for attaching it and ya know what? It's just going to have to live without it. All in all this pattern is making me unhappy. Is it because I am semi-repeating a design with a few tweeks? (It follows the nightie pattern for the first 18 rows) Or is it because I have a 'sweater and leg warmers' that really wanted to be made first? argh. I don't know what it is, but scuze me while I pause to soothe my frazzled mind with some pepperoni rip n dip bread.....brb.....

How do you spell 'luscious'? I-T-A-L-I-A-N food! I feel better now.

But there go the dogs again. We got a 2 year old yellow lab named 'Bailey' on Saturday. "Big Dog" does not begin to describe this animal. She is HUGE! Needless to say our chocolate lab Mack (literally half her size) has been extremely intimidated by Bailey. She bit him if he sniffed her butt, she growled at him if he came to close to her, she stole his toys and then would bite him if he tried to take them back....the list goes on and on and on.....but, yesterday, Mack had enough. She started to wrestle with him and for the first time in three days he wrestled back. Well, needless to say they have been wrestling off and on for the last two days...including bedtime last night. It's quite comical to watch. And really if we ever want them to mate, this all needs to take place cuz as of right now she's lookin at him like.."Uh- Uh Baybeee....I dun theen so! Jou take tha bouncin butt a yours and go sunwhere else!" The whole bouncing butt thing is hilarious. Mack would be like...a foot away from her with one leg front leg on her and his butt would start bouncing because he was going to 'show his dominance' over her. Men are the same no matter what the species.

What does the rest of this week hold for me? Work, payroll for the other office ...tomorrow is friday nd my high school employee gets off of school early, so the kids and i are going to go visit another home school family so the kids can hang out and mom's can get mom time in. Saturday we go to Famous Dave's for supper to celebrate Stef's birthday. Joyous day! Sunday we go over to some friends house after church for lunch and card games. And heck all next week has something scheduled for every day. busy, busy, busy.

oker doke. i have rambled long enough. i need to get the kids back to school and at least pretend like i have a job to do.
buh bye!

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