Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WIP's and Doggy Updates

Well, Hi all.

As you can see it has been a very busy couple of weeks. How, you say? Just by the mere fact that I have not had the time to write or share thoughts patterns with you!

I have finished getting my store together.

I have finally completed some of the patterns for my doll dresses and have put them on Ebay. They are going rather well. Click on my Ebay store on the side over there--> to see! I finished several items I was previously working on. "Pride and Prejudice" dress is done all but the ribbon. I still can't find the ribbon I want to put on there. That dress basically sucked the creative juices dry. I cannot find the desire to create anymore doll items right now.

However, I have been working on my Pokemon critters again. I finished 'spoink' today and am currently working on 'jigglypuff'. I will post the patterns when I get time.

I have made two purses this past week/weekend out of Lion Suede. OMG...love that yarn. I made the first one for a sample for a class I'm holding this month. Then my daughter decided she absolutely had to have one for her next trip to the Mall of America in a week n a half.

What else?!? Ohhh. Made a mitten for a friend whose hand got partially amputated by a snow blower and he needed something to keep it warm.

Now I'm struggling to think of what else I've done....can't think...can't think.....

**Doggy update**Dogs are getting along great. They play great together. Bailey is NOT in heat...darnit...Mack has acclimated rather well to a new dog in his house. Bailey has not completely stopped beating Mack up, however, Mack is now fighting back. My mom has nicknamed them 'Mack-N-Cheese'. Cute huh?


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