Monday, January 08, 2007


Works in progress are these:
American Girl sized nightie, robe and slippers. (They got sidelined because the original nightie transformed itself into a very pretty evening dress that now requires a shawl for completion of outfit.) The nightie will be completed tonight, then onto designing the robe and slippers. Nightie, it turns out, wanted to be made from the bottom up and have an empire waist with a square neckline, not a fitted bodice like originally planned ...who knew?!? Shawl is on the wait list until robe and slippers get done. BUT then it is on to an adorable "long sweater with leg warmers" set that has been dancing the 'white man's overbite' in my head for two days now. (ok, you have to be familiar with 80's eddie murphy standup to get the white man's overbite comment). The designs are coming faster than I can crochet at this point. What to do...what to do???

As we can all see I failed immediately at posting every day. C'est la vie. What are ya gonna do?


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