Friday, February 09, 2007

Crazy Dog

Well, here I children. I thought 'what a breeze today will fighting..noone needing me...noone nagging me....'

Yeah. My chocolate lab has lost his mind. Since there are no kids here to keep him feeling like he's not being left behind, he has decided that every time I have a customer he has to whine because I go on the other side of the baby gate without him. Nevermind that he can see me and smell me and sometimes even touch me. He whines and paces...paces and whines. Then when the customer goes away he is in the back with me, whining and pacing and walking very excitedly to the back door like he has to go outside. He goes outside and pees and ...does other things...and comes back in. Only to continue whining and pacing to the door like he has to go outside!! OMGosh!!!! Its actually WORSE than having fighting children. Cuz you can't even reason with a dog! If I shift in my chair, he pops up and runs to the door. If I cough he pops up and starts whining......I QUIT!!!

I'm tellin you people. If one more thing in my life whines at me...I will throttle it!!

My mother in law loved her purse!! OH CRAP!! It's my Dad's birthday today and I even saw him this morning and I never said a THING! I suck as a daughter. I'm ashamed. Don't look at me.

Now I need chocolate.

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