Thursday, February 01, 2007


OMGosh.........I am totally excited. I have just gotten involved with Crochetville. I know, I's been there forever and once again I'm a day late and a dollar short in finding it. But to be completely honest, I have not had the time to be online and do anything like this for about 3 years. (2 years of my daughters cancer treatments, 1 year of going back to work full time)So its a whole new world of discovery for me.

I joined a Crochet Along- Stash busting. So I will be finding all kinds of little charity things to do to get rid of my yarn stash.
I also joined in a Charity Crochet thingie. I am going to make at least one bereavement blanket for February.

Good thing I found this place or I just might have started wondering what I was going to do next! Last year I stash busted for 4 months solid. I chose a charity and then made a box of things they needed and sent it off. I got rid of a lot of yarn. Then I started this yarn store and now my stash just keeps getting bigger and bigger....its turning into a mountain!!! So it is time to bust my stash once again!


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