Friday, February 02, 2007

Web Junkie

Two days in a row. What is happening to me? Am I becoming a Web-Junkie again? No. I refuse. I will not do that again.

But since I'm here.....My stash busting is going well. I have obtained 4 pts in the 'stash busting game'. I will get 3 more by tomorrow. I haven't even started my charity blanket(s). I just found out today they are preemie blankets. So I will be busy working on those. And they will help in the busting of my stash because they only have to be 12" or 20", so I won't need alot of yarn.

Today was a really irritable day. I am glad I have tomorrow off. Money and the lack of it really makes people cranky. Especially me. But God is my source, so I will not fear.

What do I want to eat, you ask? If I were going for total comfort foods that I didn't have to prepare, I would say Chicken Fried Chicken with lots of gravy, Sweet Corn, Apple Pie, (I think my stomach just grumbled) and Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes. Mm, Mm, Mm!

But seeing as how I have to cook, its going to be steak and frozen potatoes. I hate stove top steaks and I would like them grilled, but its like -11 outside steak would REfreeze going from the plate to the grill!!! A sad, pitiful thing. Why can't somebody just knock on my door with a premade meals on wheels for the employed....who cares if I can take care of myself!?!

Oh that whole last paragraph was SELFISH!!!! I better go and repent!


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