Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sharing thoughts

I realized today while perusing my blog that I haven't done anything but show you pics of ongoing works for a while! So today I'm going to share my thoughts..however scattered they may be!

Life has been busy. Very busy. Tony, Stefani and I have all started on Weight Watchers and we are loving it. Tony hit his first road block in almost 6 weeks, this week. Suddenly he's not losing 5-6lbs a week and is having issues with it. My attitude to that is: Welcome to REAL weight loss, bucko! LOL!

Actually he's been such a tremendous blessing to me through all of this. Days when I want to quit, he's right there. We call him the "Points Nazi". If we even sniff at something he says "You have enough points for that?" It truly helps keep us in line! What doesn't work to his benefit is saying things like that and then following it up with "Yeah, I have like 26 points left for the day(at 6 or 7 at night)". And Stef and I look at him(while we are trying to figure out exactly what we can eat for 1 or 2 pts) and have all we can do not to punch his gorgeous face! Stefani gets 27 pts a day and I am now down to 29 pts a day. Sure it seems like a lot until you have a really stupid food craving (like a Kringle!!) and you succumb to the beauty of the pastry...and then you look and see that after that luscious, delicate piece of gorgeousness you now have about 11 pts left for the WHOLE being about 9AM...ya know....

Yes, my name is Biz, and I am a pastry addict! I have been pastry free for one week. With all of you and the "Point Nazi", I'm sure that I'll be able to avoid anymore setbacks....

Other than food, we have been concentrating on getting our hair done, going to dr's appts, going away to a women's retreat that we NEEDED badly, teaching craft classes, creating more and more crochet patterns(many of which we haven't had the time to post)....etc....
Ya know how it is! (that whole last paragraph sounded like Smeegel from Lord of the Rings)

I have also made some new friends online. One is Rachelle in Oklahoma and the other is Sandhya in India.....HI Rachelle and Sandhya!! I have been getting to know them slow but sure.
They are both crocheters and mom's. Just like me!

Doggey Update!! Bailey and Mack are getting along fine for the most part. She's still a great big bully! But Mack eventually takes his toys back. He gets pummeled by Bailey for it, but I applaud his efforts just the same. The longer we have them, the less I want them to breed. As a matter of fact, if she doesn't get pregnant REALLY soon, she's going to be snipped. Bailey is still a toy thief, but is getting better about it. We've come to realize its all a plea for attention.

I promised myself I'd organize my office today...its not getting done sitting here.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AG Fresh as a Daisy

Just thought I'd share the latest addition to the AG "Garden Party" Series. This is design #2! Called "Fresh as a Daisy". The pattern includes the dress, hat, choker and purse. It is currently for sale in my Ebay store. Look on the side for a link----->

Pooh in Pastel

This is the partial blanket done in mint green and chocolate brown. Pooh is cornmeal and I will give him a light blue shirt. This is for a new niece/nephew due in July. They are confident they are having a girl, but I'm not going to put all of that time and effort into making this blanket pink and have it come out a boy!

This is the picture I'm making the blanket from. I took the picture from a craft magazine years ago and had someone graph it on the computer for me. This is actually a latch hook kit! lol! But I just determined how many stitches I wanted per square and away we went! It's challenging and has LOTS of color changes (which I absolutely hate!) but it turns out so darn cute how can you not make it?? I will be making an accompanying Pooh stuffed toy to go with the blanket, that will have to wait till I finish this tho.....
The stuffed toy, believe it or not, is harder than the blanket. I've made only one of each so far for two different friends having babies. But maybe I should make it more, huh?


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

AG Pretty as a Rose Dress

I just had to share my latest design for American Girl dolls. This is the very first pattern in my new pattern series called "Garden Party". It's called "Pretty as a Rose". Notice the bottom of the dress looks like rose petals? It's a three piece pattern set including the dress, a hat and a clutch purse. The dress pattern comes with two different bodices to chose from.

From my daughter, husband and son I've heard "That looks like a tennis dress", "That looks like a ballerina outfit", "That looks like a hoochie dress".....BUT, I will persevere!!!
I think it looks like a rose and THAT's all that matters...right?!? The pattern is now available in my Ebay store.
Coming up in the next couple of months will be a tulip dress and a daisy dress.