Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's a Yay Day!

Ok....call me strange...I can live with that! I'm most excited I found my camera and therefore all of the pics that I desperately needed to crop!!

So now I can post Jigglypuff (done) and Spoink Pokemon critters. And I can share with you my latest AG design. Why does it seem like the more I make those patterns up, the more detail oriented I get? I suppose it's all in the details.

Found some cool blogs today...one is called "The end of the road". She has interesting tidbits about her day, ongoing crochet projects and recipes. She does some show n tell...overall I give it a thumbs up...good stuff Maynard! I think her name is Lea?!?....Yes?...well that's what my sources tell me....lol
And the other is her husbands blog...."Compassed about me"....If I'm not mistaken he is a minister?....I think his name is Chris?...Anyway, he shares scrips from the Bible and a short synopsis of it...I found it really neat to read. Since Tony and I are licensed ministers, its interesting to see other peoples perspectives and I know I liked what I read on Chris' blog.

I suppose that's all for now. Stefani's school day is over, my high school employees are here at the store(freeing me to go home) and it is all a little more than my DD can take!!!


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