Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prayer Shawl

For the first time ever I get to say I've got something "On the Needles"...LOL
This is my first prayer shawl. It looks like its going to be too small for anyone to get anything out of it, but it's all scrunched up on one needle right now. When I have the needles together it stretches to about 20-25" across. I have no idea how to measure gauge for knitting, so it'll be what it is.

I have to say though...WHO came up with knitting Homespun yarn with a size 10 needle? Were they on drugs or just REALLY loose knitters?? Argh. It makes my arms ache. I will never use that yarn with those needles ever again!

Ok, I'm done grousing. I love the color shading of this yarn! Don't you? I think this is going to look seriously awesome with some big, fluffy fringe on it. :)


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