Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Great Weekend!

Hi all.
Tony and I took the day off on Saturday for just the two of us and went to Bayfield, WI. Its a little, trendy harbor town on Lake Superior. I love going there because they have a wonderful artisans community with a bunch of really great shops to visit.

One of my favorite stores is the Brownstone Center. WELLLLL, they have added a yarn shop to their second floor since last year..... This is one of those 'yarn snob knitting shops'.... There wasn't a crochet hook or book in sight. Gorgeous yarns. I got to see the handpainted, hand dyed, uber expensive knittings wools up close and personal. I even got to touch them...;)then I set them back down and willed my palpitating heart to quiet itself... and turned the corner into the 'sale' room. There I found some wonderful yarns and bought 3 skeins of each to make more prayer shawls with. (I promise to take my camera home tonight and photo the yarn and the ongoing orange prayer shawl-its turning out cute).

We went to lunch at Maggie's. Love that place. They definitely cater to a crowd that eats more than meat and potatoes (unlike Phillips). Tony and I started off with Garlic Polenta Fries. They were really good! Then he ordered a good-old fashioned bacon cheeseburger and fries and I got a Pizza Vesuvias. Tony's food was good(great fries), BUT mine was better!!! Mine was a thin crusted pizza with spinach, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, onions, tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, pesto, olive oil and feta and mozzarella cheeses. WOWWWWW. I still dream about it....Then we ended with the dreamiest desserts imaginable!! Tony got a NY cheesecake which happened to be one of the best pieces of cheesecake that I've ever tasted (and I LOVE cheesecake) and I got a Lemon Tart with a wonderfully crispy butter crust. **scuze me while I wipe the drool off of the keyboard** We very much enjoyed just having a day to the two of us. Tony has lost so much weight he's being drooled over from 'both sides of the fence' if you catch my drift. I had so much fun teasing him about that! LOL

We are taking the kids back there on July 7th for a family day. We are planning on taking the ferry over to Madelaine Island and spending the day touring the shops and museum and going swimming in the lake at one of the beaches. We, OF COURSE, will have to eat at Maggie's so Stefani can get a creme brulee and we will HAVE to go the fudge shop downtown and get some fudge and salt water taffy!! But most of our day will be spent on the island. I'm excited, it should be a fun day!

I haven't crocheted since Friday. Any time I picked up yarn this past weekend, I knitted. I really want to get the orange prayer shawl done so I can move onto one of my new yarns. I am using one of them for a prayer shawl for my grandma for her 80th birthday party in July. I am planning on using another of them for one for my mom for her 60th birthday in November and the other yarn will be used for a charity one.

I'll quit blabbering now. Tomorrow are yarn pics and all things crochet once again!


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