Monday, June 25, 2007

G-Rated Once Again!

Everyone can relax now.....Pooh has clothes! **See previous post for Pooh nudies**

My kids were at Bible Camp all last week. They had a blast, of course, and can hardly wait to go back next year. This is Stefani with her counselor Shelley from Canada.

Here is my son, Teo, with his counselor, Mike from ??. Both counselors are living at the camp year round for training. Lucky them!

I love camp. I give them clean children with a suitcase full of freshly laundered clothing and a list of instructions for my children to follow when repacking their bags.

I get back at least one child that hasn't showered in 4 days OR changed his underwear. The other, thankfully, showered every day. I can't be sure if teeth were brushed. None of the instructions I sent with them seemed to make a difference. And the smell. A mixture of dirty socks and sweat with a slight lake undertone.

I am washing everything whether it was technically worn or not.

At least this year bibles and glasses didn't get lost. We only had one casualty... a pair of socks. That's ok. Other than the uncleanliness....its well worth the trip and the money spent. :)

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BarbaraJean said...

My husband and 2 sons and I are into our 2nd of 3 weeks of church camp. Ben runs the canteen and the boys and I help him out. It's a low stress job so I'm loving it. :)