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I am 45. I am married to the love of my life. Together we have two beautiful young adults who bring me joy everyday. In 2015 we added another beautiful young adult to our house, our niece, and she has been a great joy! Secretly, I'm counting the years till grandbabies start coming; they just need to find their forever loves first.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I know...I know....

...we were all starting to wonder if the orange and blue prayer shawl was EVER going to get done!!!! Trust me, you weren't the only ones...I was beginning to wonder myself...

Arghhhhh, that took an eternity. I am really happy with the way that it turned out and it is currently in the mail on its way to its recipient. I snuggled it for a few seconds. I even tried it on. Then I gladly packed it up with a letter.

As pretty as it turned out....I can't stand touching it anymore!

Apparently I was off by a day or two on when my SIL was having my nephew. I guess they're in the hospital tonight! He's supposed to arrive tomorrow! Go figure. I had him written down for Thursday. Good thing I finished Pooh when I did!


Beth N said...

Beautiful prayer shawl--I'm sure it will bring comfort. Very cute Pooh bear--your newphew will love it!

Monet said...

Ohhh I love the dressed Pooh! :) and the prawer shawl looks great. :)