Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Was Right!

Well, it just so happens that my BIL and SIL found out what the new baby is going to be!

It's a BOY!!! NOT a girl!! Thank Gawd I made that Pastel Pooh in blue and green and not in pink and purple!! LOL

Also, I have changed my previous veiwpoint on the Homespun yarn and a size 9 needle. It's not so bad. It's actually coming along really nicely. Hopefully I can get it done like I'm planning this weekend. I have about a full skeins worth of knitting to do yet. It is really thick and really soft. There is a lady in the hospital that could use a prayer shawl. I told my mom if she didn't have people that she could bless with these prayer shawls (my parents are also our pastors) then I would make them for the Time Out Shelter (women's domestic abuse home in Ladysmith, WI). But the church has first preference to what I get done. Not that I don't want to bless the ladies home, but I really started doing this for the church.

ACTUALLY, here's my REALLy lofty idea!! I would love to make them and as I get done put them into 3 piles. One for the church to use, one for the Time Out Shelter and one for the group of ladies that intercede for our women's retreat (which blesses hundreds of women from around the state of WI) every year. That's ALOT of prayer shawls.

That on top of designing....:~}....I don't know what I'll be able to accomplish. I just ask that God blesses my hands with strength to keep doing them!

Speaking of designing...I have about three or four new designs roaming around my head!! #1- I have to design the Tulip Dress for the last of my AG Garden Party series. #2- Fall is coming, so I thought about designing some costumes for AG dolls for Halloween. A Pumpkin, a Witch and a Ghost. Now, I don't celebrate Halloween, personally, but alot of people do....#3- AND I have one or two 'back-to-school' designs floating around too. I know Summer just started, but we all need time to actually MAKE the stuff!! LOL

I have, also, had my first inspiration towards designing clothing for adults. I have a girlfriend who wants me to design a skirt for her just like the "Cargo Skirt" design I made for the AG dolls. LOL. It could be done, don't you think?? This idea is still just an inspiration though. With everything else, it may take some real futzpah for me to get this one going....

I have to brag on my kids for a minute. We, as a family, went and worked at the church this morning. It was a 'work day'. Sort of a Spring cleaning. Turns out it was just our family and 4 other people that felt like it was important enough. That was disappointing. My kids were whining at me at first and asked "Why do we have to do this?" I told them "You are going to serve in the house of God" and left it at that. I was blessed that that answer was enough for them. They never said another word and worked really hard. They washed all of the chairs down in the sanctuary and washed the leaves of the silk plants free of dust. I was very proud of them.

Gotta go. BIL and SIL of the new baby are getting married today, so gotta go get and thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a great day!


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Monet said...

WOW you have a lot of things goin' on in your head as well as on your plate now! keep it going I can't wait to see some finished stuff! :)