Monday, July 09, 2007

Desperate to... I started another blanket. This is all stash yarn. The center is an orangey wool/acrylic blend, then the outer colors are some Walmart yarn. I made that orange/blue striped prayer shawl out of this same stuff. The pattern is called "Morning's Glory", but its done in brown and green (morning's glory??? yeah, i don't get the color choices either) chose these colors and I'm calling it "Caribbean Sunrise". My joining methods are really kind of a crap-shoot, but I figure as long as I'm consistently inconsistent it'll look just fine!

Still not sure on what the final size will be. I don't have enough oz's for what the pattern calls for, but the yarn I do have is going alot further than originally anticipated. So baby blanket? Lap blanket? Bigger blanket?....Who knows?!?

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