Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's Crochet News.... not my own.

I introduce the newest designer...Stefani and the "Lemonade Purse"!

She decided to try color changing yesterday and decided she liked it. Since she had no real plan as to what she was going to make out of this very wonky rectangle (hey, she's still learning!) I helped her shape it into a purse. We just crocheted both sides together up around the 'flap' (this of course was single thickness) and back down the other side. She chose a teddy bear button from the box and we put a loop to close it up. We took both colors together and made a chain strap and away we go....
She was VERY pleased with the finished product and didn't she do a great job??

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Beth N said...

I think she did a wonderful job too!!--Very nice.