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I am 45. I am married to the love of my life. Together we have two beautiful young adults who bring me joy everyday. In 2015 we added another beautiful young adult to our house, our niece, and she has been a great joy! Secretly, I'm counting the years till grandbabies start coming; they just need to find their forever loves first.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nothing much...

...going on. I have no pictures to show you. I have begun another afghan. It is a wedding gift. The colors are, get this, Ranch Red, Carrot, and Gold. Gorgeous fall colors. They live in a house decorated totally with outdoorsy stuff. He works for the forestry department...soooooo...they need a splash of color in their lives!

I am also working on another AG design. This one seems to be taking me a long time.

Other than that...its just been work, work, work...try to remember what the heck you are doing...work, work, work....get distracted and then, OH! Time to go home! :)

my happy life.

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