Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Kimono

This is the "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono" from "Mason-Dixon Knitting".
I didn't have access to Peaches and Cream, so I substituted a really soft Sugar n Cream that was primarily white with little turquoise, lime green and yellow speckles. I used a green and yellow checkered ribbon in complementary colors to finish off.

I think I loved making this. It is the first garment (besides socks) I have ever knit. It was my first real experience at sewing a knitted garment together. Thank the knit gods that there were only two seams..I don't think I could have handled much more. Crochet, at this point, is way easier!

While crochet is and will always be my first craft love...I think knitting is beginning to gain great favor. I have actually been LOOKING for knit patterns. I've found two baby patterns that I want to try. Not now, mind you..Christmas is coming and there are tooooo many things to be done for that to fiddle with 'no need' baby gifts. But they will get done. I have a g-friend due with baby #4 in January. So I'm sure I'll find the need to make one of them. Depends on what she's having. I think she has the ultrasound for that today, so we'll see..

Ok, I'm totally rambling...sorry...this was supposed to be a post about a knit kimono..not an ultrasound.


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