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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Few Thank You's

In July I had joined a 'Cotton Yarn Swap' on the 'ville. Well, my partner was not able to keep her end of the bargain, so they called for 'rescuers'. Here are the pics of what my rescuers sent to me.
This is the first package...which in all honesty I thought was my rescue package and was just so glad to get! I was humbled that somebody cared to do something like this. Thank you to you who sent it! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness! All but the white is used already!

Then about a week later I got a PM from Tampa Doll @ the 'ville stating that my rescue package would shortly be on its way....I'm thinking "another one?"
WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....it got here yesterday. I couldn't tell if the moisture on all the yarn was from the drool...or the tears! WOW, what an awesome package! Put together by....
Amberslipstitch - SPRAT605-Julie5813 - Renegade - Clocke - SFGWife - Tampa Doll.....
Is there any way to even begin to thank you? You are some awesome chicks!

I was sooooooooooo stoked to get some knitting patterns!

I couldn't keep my hands off....I HAD to knit a dishcloth. It was totally labor intensive considering I'm a NEW knitter and I couldn't memorize the pattern! I completed one and then HAD to start another one right away(in a diff pattern, of course)...it was so FUN!

YUMMMMY...I can't wait to drink my cocoa! I've decided the clips will be used to mark all of the patterns I want to make and my daughter just had to open up the light-up crochet hook and do something with it right away(its one of my fave sizes -G-)...I must say..it's pretty cool!

Here's a better close up of some of the more unusual cottons. I see socks....at least 3 pairs...you have no idea how much this helps me with my Christmas load!!

Once again...how can I thank you??

I will do so very humbly!


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Gina said...

Wow...looks like you got yourself some yummy cotton! Sorry your partner did not work out...but, looks like you still made out. The girls at Crochetville do rock!