Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just a tiny update.

Almost finished with the rocket/astronauts/aliens for my nephew. Just have to finish the astronauts and aliens up.

Almost done with pair of socks #3. Just have the foot part remaining.

Soon to start designing more Pokemon critters for nephews. I think I'm going to make a box of them for my son too. I just can't think of what else he would like besides those. He wants a Wii, but I refuse to get him one. He already has a PS2, GameCube, GBA and Nintendo the child needs ONE more system!! Besides that he doesn't really want anything else. And Pokemon critters are something noone else will be able to do. :)

I may be revising one of the niece gifts. Instead of a purse, I think I may end up alterring the rocket ship into a castle w/ drawbridge door and making a princess/prince/steed and dragon to go in it for my littlest niece. She's 4 (soon to be 5) and she's all about the princess! She is THE drama queen!

Time keeps ticking away. Only 54 days till Christmas! And about 54 things to make! Can I get one done a day?? We'll see....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In the works...thinking about Christmas!

I'm a bad blogger-girl. I have no pictures today!

I have been thinking madly about Christmas presents. Note that I've been THINKING madly...not MAKING madly!

I have only completed 2 1/2 pairs of socks(2 mens- 1 ladies)...about 20 or so dishcloths and cotton towels (not 20 of each mind you...just 20) felted purse for a niece and I am currently working on a toy for a nephew. I only have about 8 BAZILLION more to go!! I mean where did all the children in my family come from?? Really??...One day I looked and there's like 12 of them (between two brothers and us. and we have the '2')!! GAWD!

Ok enough drama. Here's the skinny...I really have two more niece purses to go (just waiting on orange wool to get here)....6 stuffed critters for two nephews(3 each)....sweater/hat set for newest nephew....a 2 yr old boy I have NO clue what to make anything for....5 more pairs of wool socks for the 'men' in the's and sis-in-law's are getting kitchen baskets with dishcloths/cotton towels and whatever else cute stuff I find. Is that everyone? I don't make stuff for my kids and hubby for Christmas anymore...they get stuff all year. **counting on fingers**I think that's everyone.

And sometime in there is a baby shower for a I am currently knitting a baby blanket too. Yay, the fun just keeps coming!

Update on the family. As traumatic as losing Bailey was, everyone is beginning to bounce back. Teo doesn't cry as often anymore. We are all able to talk about Bailey now and remember her fondly without anyone having a breakdown. We can all smile. There is still such an emptiness to our home but we know that with time it won't be as bad. Mack, our 5 yr old chocolate lab, is doing ok. I think he misses her even though she tortured him. She was his companion. He has started coming with us to the store everyday again. I just don't want him to be alone everyday. He loves being here anyway! :)

Don't be too sad for the kids....they've already started researching turtles as their next pets. We decided no more dogs...they are just too hard when something happens to them. It's amazing how the human soul bounces back from sadness and finds joy just simply trying to survive.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Remembrance....

I just wanted to share with you some memories of Bailey. We had her put to sleep yesterday and it was traumatic to say the least. There is a hole in our family.

I think little Teo's heart is broken the most. I miss her fuzzy body in the house. I miss her nudging me with her wet nose every morning and the 'snuffing' noise she made when she was sniffing something out. I truly miss her smile and the way she'd squint her eyes when you scratched her butt, like it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread (although she'd take the bread over a butt scratch any day).

She was Bailey Rose Mareno aka 'Bay', 'Baelita Rosita', 'Baybers', 'Bayzers', and 'Bailey Bays'. (as well as a myriad of other nicknames)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've got the sick-puppy blues

Once again Tony is in Michigan for a week for work. It makes me think of the line in "Return to Me" starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver where he says "I miss Elizabeth, I'll always miss her. But I ache for Grace." If you've never seen the so..its an awesome love story. Anyway, that's how I feel when Tony is gone.

Here on the home front...I've gained 3 lbs. Plus I am dealing with a severely allergic dog. Yep, it turns out Bailey, our 3 yr old yellow lab has severe allergies. Right now the vet is using Prednasone to settle them down. However, preds are a 'step-down' medicine and as soon as I took her off of the full dose, she started chewing on herself again. In the three weeks that she has been on the medicine we have gotten back to daily obsessive licking, obsessive itching of the ears and lack of sleep at night. Except now her bowels have softened to the point of almost diarrhea and she pee's about a gallon at each shot. She drinks constantly, I can't keep her bowl full enough. And she's eating me out of house and home. We are now buying two bags of food a week.

I've spoken with the lady that owns the boarding kennel that the dogs stay at. She works for the vet that cares for our dogs. She said she had the same thing happen to her and that she ended up having to put the dog down. She spent a year and about a $1000.00 and did everything that she could do and ended up putting her down. Folks, I don't have a $1000.00 to spend on a dog. I love Bailey. She has the sweetest disposition even if she is a 'dumpster diver'. She loves to be loved, but I am being placed in the position of having to put a price tag on a pet. I can't ask Tony about this. He'll just agree with whatever my decision is cuz I deal with all of our finances. If I say that we can't afford the maintenance for special food and drugs every month...he won't argue.

I feel like I'm playing god with this dog. I feel like somehow I'm letting my God down by not being able to fully take care of 'one of the least of these'. Is there something more I could do? I don't want to hand her off to another family to get used to. We are her third family as it is. Our vet said that her allergies may be the reason that we are her third family. Allergies which we had no knowledge of. And now that she's been on preds for a while I can see that they were giving them to her before and didn't say a word about it. Very deceptive. At least I'm not just passing her around. I know this is sad to say, but I would find it more merciful to put her down than to keep passing her from family to family never finding a real home because she's sick.

It really boils down to money. There is just no way that I can pay our bills, keep food in our house and take care of Bailey's medical needs. I just can't. As it is, we haven't really bought food for a week or two because of having to take Bailey to the dr, get her medicine, and keep her in food. Thank god we had a full pantry at the time or we'd have been hurting. Argh. Saying that I feel like such a pauper.

I'm just going to quit whining now. God is my source. I just have to remember that. He will give me joy and make a way where there is no way.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kids Afghan

Another one bites the dust.... Yes, my friends, I have finally completed another WIP! This one only sat around for 6 months...pretty good, pretty good!

This afghan was done in TLC Amore in black with various worsted weight yarns for motifs and colors on the blocks. Mostly Red Heart SS. Each square has a different number of motifs (1-12) and I try to make it as colorful as possible. This one is going to a new baby in LaCrosse via my mom.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Purse Swap Thank You!

A Huge THANK YOU to my C'Ville Fall Purse Swap Partner, CJ!! She sent me an amazing package filled with this wonderful purse, her families favorite candies, pens, a neat note pad, paper clips, pattern sheets for purses, coffee and my favorite Chamomile Tea! I'm sorry to say that my camera was hiding in plain site the day that my package arrived and everything she sent is currently working hard in my home or someone's tummy! I apologize for not being able to photograph all of her thoughtful and wonderful goodies, but I wanted to definitely show off the beautiful purse she put so much time and energy into! As you can see, it too, is hard at work in my life. It's stacked to the top with all of my junk! I have received countless compliments on my new bag! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Wedding Gifts

FINALLY, I am done with the wedding gifts for Matt and Lisa!! He works for the Forestry Department and their house is all woodsy/animals/ I made them an afghan done in tree colors. lol. I got about 30 squares into my original 48 squares and thought I was going to lose my mind. So I decided to quit and jerry-rig a border. Well it turned out pretty cool looking. The border is done to look like fall leaves. **I will post the pattern for it tomorrow**.

Then I figured a fall leaf blanket needed a fall leaf pillow. So I made one from Patons Merino Wool and felted it. **Pattern posted tomorrow too!**

Then I rounded it out by making some pot holders and some dishcloths. Mom contributed by embroidering a set of kitchen towels with wildlife pictures...deer, bear, moose...etc. She did a great job. This is all coming from our two families, so it worked out really nice!
I hope they like it all. I know some of the colors are outrageous...but their house needs a burst of color!
Let me know what you think!