Thursday, October 25, 2007

In the works...thinking about Christmas!

I'm a bad blogger-girl. I have no pictures today!

I have been thinking madly about Christmas presents. Note that I've been THINKING madly...not MAKING madly!

I have only completed 2 1/2 pairs of socks(2 mens- 1 ladies)...about 20 or so dishcloths and cotton towels (not 20 of each mind you...just 20) felted purse for a niece and I am currently working on a toy for a nephew. I only have about 8 BAZILLION more to go!! I mean where did all the children in my family come from?? Really??...One day I looked and there's like 12 of them (between two brothers and us. and we have the '2')!! GAWD!

Ok enough drama. Here's the skinny...I really have two more niece purses to go (just waiting on orange wool to get here)....6 stuffed critters for two nephews(3 each)....sweater/hat set for newest nephew....a 2 yr old boy I have NO clue what to make anything for....5 more pairs of wool socks for the 'men' in the's and sis-in-law's are getting kitchen baskets with dishcloths/cotton towels and whatever else cute stuff I find. Is that everyone? I don't make stuff for my kids and hubby for Christmas anymore...they get stuff all year. **counting on fingers**I think that's everyone.

And sometime in there is a baby shower for a I am currently knitting a baby blanket too. Yay, the fun just keeps coming!

Update on the family. As traumatic as losing Bailey was, everyone is beginning to bounce back. Teo doesn't cry as often anymore. We are all able to talk about Bailey now and remember her fondly without anyone having a breakdown. We can all smile. There is still such an emptiness to our home but we know that with time it won't be as bad. Mack, our 5 yr old chocolate lab, is doing ok. I think he misses her even though she tortured him. She was his companion. He has started coming with us to the store everyday again. I just don't want him to be alone everyday. He loves being here anyway! :)

Don't be too sad for the kids....they've already started researching turtles as their next pets. We decided no more dogs...they are just too hard when something happens to them. It's amazing how the human soul bounces back from sadness and finds joy just simply trying to survive.


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