Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just a tiny update.

Almost finished with the rocket/astronauts/aliens for my nephew. Just have to finish the astronauts and aliens up.

Almost done with pair of socks #3. Just have the foot part remaining.

Soon to start designing more Pokemon critters for nephews. I think I'm going to make a box of them for my son too. I just can't think of what else he would like besides those. He wants a Wii, but I refuse to get him one. He already has a PS2, GameCube, GBA and Nintendo the child needs ONE more system!! Besides that he doesn't really want anything else. And Pokemon critters are something noone else will be able to do. :)

I may be revising one of the niece gifts. Instead of a purse, I think I may end up alterring the rocket ship into a castle w/ drawbridge door and making a princess/prince/steed and dragon to go in it for my littlest niece. She's 4 (soon to be 5) and she's all about the princess! She is THE drama queen!

Time keeps ticking away. Only 54 days till Christmas! And about 54 things to make! Can I get one done a day?? We'll see....


Aurora said...

I would love to see the Pokemon critters once you have them figured out. My son and his friend are huge Pokemon freaks! LOL

Jordan said...

You pokemon are so cute!

I'm attempting to crochet a Togepi...

Biz said...

I have completed Mew...pattern coming soon! I have completed Rayquaza...I'll just spare all of you the major pain that he is and NOT share the pattern. In fact I threw it out. I am currently working on Blaziken..he's turning out awesome..there will be a pattern posted for him!
Togepi...although I don't personally like him much as a Pokemon would be really cute to make! Good luck!