Tuesday, November 20, 2007

36 Days Till Christmas


Guess what I realized? There's only THIRTY---SIX DAYS LEFT!!!!! OM Holy Gawd!

So..how are all of you doing on YOUR Christmas lists? Believe it or not I'm banging 'em out on mine now. I am all but done with the Pokemon *sigh*. I have a few left to do for my son, but those are going to be "last minute- work till midnight to finish them" type gifts.

Another thing I realized is that I haven't posted ANY pictures of the stuff I've made except for Pokemon. People are going to start thinking all I make are Pokemon...which is how its beginning to feel.

I suppose. I don't have anything profound to say except that I love toffee...specifically this guy's toffee.... http://www.scotchwoodtoffee.com
If you like toffee on any level....you will LOVE this toffee! Wish I could slide you a taste through the puter. Unfortunately I've allowed my butterball self to eat too much of it today.


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