Tuesday, November 13, 2007

42 Days Till Christmas

No pics today either. I need to buy batteries....likely excuse, I know!

I have finished Blaziken AND Onix Pokemon critters. Both will be posted WITH patterns as soon as I buy batteries. I have to make a Lucario and then I will be done with them (except for Teo's)...Hallelujah!

As for other gifts-in-progress, I've completed four more dishcloths. *Whoop-de-doo*. Still have 5 more and 2 towels to go. Everything has been put pretty much on hold whilst I make Pokemon critters. I am REALLY looking forward to making something that I don't have to design soon.

P'OS(pair 'o socks) #4 is going well. Almost done with first cuff. The colors remind me of my brother, so he'll probably get this pair.

Still have two niece gifts, two nephew gifts, 4 more pairs of socks(Stef asked for a pair), 1-1/2 sets of dishcloths/towels to complete, and all of Teo's toys to do yet.


I learned how to text message last weekend. So now I can flirt with my husband and nobody knows! LOL

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