Thursday, November 08, 2007

47 Days till Christmas...

To answer the question from last week. NO, I cannot get one present done a day.

I have completed two Pokemon. Mew and Rayquaza. I will post the pattern for Mew..I will not post one for Rayquaza. He was so hard and my hands hurt so bad after making him that regardless of how awesome he looks done...I threw out the pattern and have vowed to never make him again. Nephews better love the one they get!

I should have left my big mouth shut and not asked my nephews if I had their "Pokemon wish list" right...cuz guess what?? I didn't!! They changed all of it!! So now Mew is going to go into my son's goodie box. One small blessing of not needing it for the other boys is that now..I don't have to make another one for Teo!

I am currently working on Blaziken. He is turning out sooooo cool! I will be posting his pattern soon too. Hopefully I get him finished by tomorrow. All I have left is his head, the remainder of one hand and then the finishing.

My son helps me out alot when I'm designing them. He likes to give me little reminders about the parts that I'm missing so that when they are done they are perfect....for my little perfectionist! LOL Really he is a big help. Especially if I have to design them from a picture and I don't have a toy right in front of me to look at. Mew was hard like that. I only had a picture to go off of.

Teo has specifically requested Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup. They, of course, are all from the new dee dah....and so they are his current favorites! They should be very easy to do because they all have simple shapes.....BUT then he threw in there guys like Combee (wierd head) and Steelix (every other segment has little straight things that come out..his words not mine..) and Charizard (he actually shouldn't be too hard). OOHH wait...and Dragonite...he's basically a Charizard with different details. It all really comes down to shaping. Shaping can be the poopiest part of designing. Mew was a miracle from God that he came out as awesome as he did. I promise to post his pattern tomorrow with pictures!

And since I am a slacker I will post the patterns for the Felted Fall Leaf Pillow and possibly the Fall Leaf Afghan Border tomorrow too!

**Uber mini side-note** I have completed Pair 'O Socks #3 for Christmas. Second one turned out miniature beside the first I did some laundry magic and washed them and shrunk the big one to match the little one...cuz the little one wouldn't stretch to meet the big one....LMBO!!! Have started P'OS #4 in superwash wool!

Ok...I feel like this whole post is all me, me, me....

Oh's my blog....hmmm

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