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Pokemon Blaziken Look-Alike

Can we say "Lots of Little Pieces"??

**Note** Blogger wouldn't let me seperate the pattern out into sections, so one section is right after the other. Hope this helps in reading it!

**Disclaimer- This pattern has not been tested. All instructions, materials, measurements and gauges are correct to the best of my knowledge. Please feel free to use this pattern for your own personal use. Do not sell my pattern or post it on your website. Please feel free to link to mine though, thanks! **

Pokemon Blaziken Look-Alike
by Elizabeth Mareno 2007

Finished: 14" tall
Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

F hook
approx 3 oz Orange/Reddish Orange Worsted Weight Yarn (used Red Heart Super Saver "Carrot")
approx 3 oz Off-White/Linen WW yarn (used Linen colored 'stash' WW yarn)
approx 2 oz Gold WW yarn(used Red Heart Super Saver "Gold")
approx 2 oz Grey WW yarn (used Red Heart Super Saver "Grey Heather")
tiny amt of black
Stuffing, Lg eye needle for assembly, stitch marker
Starting with body: Use Orange/do not join unless noted.
1- 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)
2- 2sc in each (12)
3- (1sc in 1sc, 2sc in next) around (18)
4- (1sc in 2sc, 2sc in next) around (24)
5- (1sc in 3sc, 2sc in next) around (30)
6- (1sc in 4sc, 2sc in next) around (36)
7-13- sc in each. **Change to Off-White**
14- Back Loops Only- sc in each
15-22 Both Loops- sc in each
23- (1sc in 3sc, sc dec) around, sc in last sc (29)
24- (sc in 2sc, sc dec) around, sc in last sc (22)**Start Stuffing**
25- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around, sc in last sc (15)
26- (dec) around, sc in last sc (8)
27- (dec) around (4)
Cut, leaving a long end to close up the top. Make sure body is stuffed firmly. Weave ends through top opening to close.
Body "Feathers":
At waist, join sc in open loops with off-white at the back of the body, sc in each loop around the body. Join. (36)
1- ch1, sc in join, (hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc twice) twice, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc, sl st in 6, (sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc) 3times. Join.
2- ch1, sc in join, (hdc, 2dc in 2dc, hdc, sc twice) twice, hdc, 2dc in 2dc, hdc, sc, sl st in 6sl st, (sc, hdc, 2dc in 2dc, hdc, sc) 3 times. Join. Cut. Weave in ends.
Legs: Make 2 starting with Gold.
1-5- Repeat body
6- Back Loops Only, sc in each.
7-9 Both Loops, sc
10- (sc in 2, sc dec, sc in 4) 3 times, sc in 2, sc dec, sc in 2 (26)
11- sc
12- alternating gold and orange- (1 gold, 1 orange, 2 gold, 1 orange, 3 gold, 1 orange) around leg.
13-14 continue in pattern increasing the orange one or two stitches per "peak" **Begin Stuffing**
15- Orange only, (sc in 3sc, sc dec) 5 times, sc in last sc (21)
16- sc
17- (sc in 2, sc dec) 5 times, sc in last(16)
18-25- sc
26- (sc in 1, sc dec) around, sc in last (11)
Cut, Leave a long end for sewing. Stuff firmly. Sew to body.
Leg "Horns": Using Grey
1- 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)
2- (sc in 1, 2sc in next) around (9)
3-4- sc around.
Leave a long end for sewing. Lightly stuff. Sew to back of leg, just above color 'peaks'.
Tail: Use Orange
1-3 Repeat Horns
4- (sc in 2, 2sc in next) twice, sc in last 2 (10)
5- sc
6- (sc in 1, 2sc) around (15)
7- sc.
Cut. Leave a long end for sewing. Stuff. Sew on to his butt.
Arms: Make 2
Start with grey
1-3 Repeat body
4-10- sc around. **Change to Orange**
11-22 sc around. Stuff.
23- (sc in 1, sc dec) around. (12) Join.
Cut, Leave long end. Do Not sew on yet.
With grey
ch7, place marker on 1st stitch of each round to keep track.
1- sc in 2nd ch and each (6), continuing on the opposite side of ch, sc in each ch (12) do not join.
2- 2sc, sc in 4, 2sc in 2, scin 4, 2sc in last (16)
3-6- sc in each around. Join.
Leave a really long end, Cut. You will be using this piece to shape the fingers as well as sew them onto the arm.
**Stuff lightly**, shape fingers by sewing 'rows' the length of the hand twice. Should be three fingers.
Attach to arm @ row 3, curving the fingers with the row. Embroider claws with straight stitch to tip of each finger with off white.
Arm "Fire": With Orange
1-(RS) ch19, sc in 2nd ch, *dc in 2, trc, dtrc, trc, dc in 2*, sc in 2, repeat from * to* once, sc in last.
2- ch1, turn, sc, (ch3, dc in sm sp, ch2, sl st in sm sp and next 2 sp) 9 times, sl st in last sp.
Cut with a long end for sewing on.
With Gold
Cut 9-3" pieces. Attach to RS of arm fire base with fringe pointing up the arm.
Sew to arm at wrist.
NOW you may sew the arms on positioned evenly above the legs.
Head: With Off-white
1-5 Repeat body
6-16 sc around.
17- (sc in 3, dec) around (24) Join.
Cut with long end. Stuff firmly. Center on body, sew on.
Eye/Beak Area: With Orange
1-3 repeat body
4-(RS) (1 hdc in sc, 2hdc in next) 5times, (15) leave remaining undone.
5- ch1, turn, sc in 1 (ch3, dc on side of sc, sk next sc, sc in next sc) 4 times.
Sew to right side of head so that the center of the 'curve' meets in the front of his head.
Reat rows 1-3 of right eye.
sl st in 8, then repeat rows 4+5 of right eye.
Sew to left side of head matching placement with the right side.
Beak: with orange
1- 5sc in 2nd ch. (5)
2- 2sc in each. (10)
3- (1sc in sc, 2sc in next) (15)
4- sc
5- sc in 7, (1 hdc in next, 2 hdc in next) 4 times, (18) join.
Cut. Leave long end. Stuff. Sew onto the center of his face.
Head "Horns": Make 2, With Orange.
1- 6sc in 2nd ch from hook. (6)
2-15 sc
Join. Cut. Sew to head so that the open end meets with the top of his beak piece. Tack it down like an eyebrow along the top of his head.
Eyes: Make 2
ch2 with Black
1- 6sc in 2nd ch , join gold (when you cut black off, leave a long end for tacking eye to face.)
2- (1sc in 1, 2sc in next) 4 times. Join.
Cut. leave a long end. Use respective colors to tack eyes down.
Leave a long end when you make your starting knot, this will be used to tack hair to head.
1- sc in 2nd ch and each (8)
2- ch2, turn, hdc in each sc (8)
3- ch2, turn, hdc in ch sp (from now on this will be called an increase), hdc in each, 2hdc in last st(10)
4- ch2, turn, inc, hdc in 4, leave remaining undone for now. (6)
5- (RS) ch2, turn, hdc across, 2hdc in last (7)
6- ch2, turn, inc, hdc across (8)
7- repeat 5 (9)
8-23- ch2, turn, hdc in each across
24- ch1, turn, sc in 1, (hdc, dc, hdc)in next, sc in next 2hdc, (hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc) in next, sc in 2, (hdc, dc, hdc) in next, sc in last. Join
Cut and weave ends.
rejoin with 1st open hdc on row 4
4- ch2, hdc in 3, 2 hdc in last (6)
5- ch2, turn, inc, hdc across (7)
6- ch2, turn, hdc across, 2hdc in last (8)
7- ch2, turn, inc, hdc in each. (9)
8-24 Repeat first side.
Center and sew to top of head like "hair".
That was a whole lot of information all at once. If I've missed anything..by all means, let me know!

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