Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Gotta Brag!

I gotta brag on my daughter just a little bit! She competed in her first ever Powerlifting competition this last Saturday. She is one of three of the youngest girls on her team. They let them start at 7th grade level as long as they have an older sibling/relative in powerlifting. Her cousin Cory is a Senior on the team, so she joined.
She did AWESOME!

Here she is with the squat: Her highest squat was 160 lbs, missing only one of her attempts at 170. She lost her balance.

Next is the bench: Her highest bench was 75 lbs. She made all three benches and feels like bench is her strongest event.

Last is the dead lift: Her highest lift was 190 lbs. She missed it on her first attempt because she felt a pinching in her back and didn't feel comfortable. I would much rather her miss an attempt than injure herself. She nailed the 190 lift on her last attempt with no problem. She could have made the 200 lift that would have been her last attempt with no problem either, but she has next time! And that one is the home meet where she can show off! :)

Stefani is here with the other two 7th grade girls Hannah (far left), and Morgan (center right). Center left of the picture is Alexa, who took first place for dead lift and (I think) squat for 105lb girls at World Powerlifting competition in France last year! Go figure!

Stefani and Alexa are the only two that I'm sure took first in their weight classes...I can't remember how Hannah and Morgan did...they probably took first too...??

A little info about cousin Cory: Here he is squatting 490 lbs or something like that. On each of his first attempts he qualified for the state competition. With his actual total for the day he also qualified for nationals. Yay, Cory! His total pounds for the day were over 1100 lbs.....

He took first too....surprised? lol

And now, I will leave you with a bit of gratuitous cuteness named Jake.....

Yo! What up dawg!


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