Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The reality factor....

....I have a dog that came home from the kennel two weekends ago with 'kennel cough'. Despite the fact that he is currently on meds and has been vaccinated against further contamination...he still has to get over this bout. He has good days and bad days...today is a bad day...he has been gagging and anointing all of my non-carpeted rooms with vomit.

....I am eating a part of a breast from last night's roasted chicken even though weigh in is a mere 1.25 hours from now!

...I have become deathly sick twice in the last two days from overconsumption of sugary foods. I think I hate sugar....and the foods that make me eat it!

....I have been COMPLETELY unproductive in the crafty part of life. I have only knit a portion of one sock....a sock I can't even take a picture of to show you because of my inability to grab the darn memory card out of my printer at work. Camera's at home...need I say more?

....Tony is in Michigan for ANOTHER week of work....I miss him terribly. But I refuse to let this particular week defeat me. This is the ongoing saga...
week one(September): did great, didn't even miss him till he was almost home....
week two(October): terrible beginning of the week...great ending....
week three(November): depressed...ate like a pig....depressed.....
week four(January): so far ok. sad when he left, first day was bad, I didn't even shower....second day is so far quite good, i even exercised! Eating smart and planning on doing a bang up job teaching at tonight's weight class at church. I even have all of my meals planned out for the entire week (these things just don't happen, people) but I still can't wait for him to be home!

....Triumph! I did NOT sit at my computer at work today and play various forms of computer solitaire! I sat and read other people's blogs instead!

....I am rather disgusted with people that fill their blogs up with profanity and rude and distasteful behavior.....You are right, I don't have to read it....You are even more right, it is their right to do what they want on their blog, same as it's my right....but come ON...have some pride, people! Have some integrity, have some decency, have something worth reading!

....I made Chicken Chili tonight and it bangs out at 2 Weight Watchers points per serving! Can't wait to eat it...but I didn't leave it on a high enough heat when I went to work today, so my onions are still crunchy. Um, no. There will be no crunchy onion consumption. Ick. So now it is on high and will require another hour or so of cooking. I have put the recipe in another entry...it's available in my new recipe section to the right------->

Ok I'm done. I could rag on about how I feel fat and the new contacts that my optometrist is having me try out really suck...but I won't do that...you can read that on any other blog...but not mine.

; )


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