Friday, February 22, 2008


Tony and I have decided to start going to the weight room at the high school:
1) because there is no gym to join in our city of 1600 people.
2) it's free...honestly is there any better reason?

Last night was our first night, so today I decided to come online and look for some inspiration to keep me going's what I found....

"OMG...I look like a cartoon!"

"Don't tick me off man...I can crack walnuts with these thighs!"
*side note*- I know that heels make a woman's calves look sexier but...I don't think she can be helped even with the heels.

*this ones actually not too bad...I'd like to be able to lift 135lbs over my head with one hand.

*unfortunately this one is really me..... except in Phillips, all of our water is frozen.

BTW! Did you know that you use your triceps when you knit?? Neither did I, till this morning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lacy Sunny Baby Hat

Lacy Sunny Baby Hat .pdf Pattern
0-3 month and 3-6 month sizes

I decided to make my hat pattern to try out a yarn I had found that I thought might be a good substitute for the Patons Astra yarn, which is really hard to find where I live. I discovered that I had not written a very good pattern. Granted it was one of my first, so I was cutting myself some slack, however, I could NOT leave the pattern as written.

I have modified the original pattern and separated it into 2 sizes; 0-3month and 3-6 month. I will be adding another link as soon as I have more sizes worked out and written up.
I hope the modified pattern is easier to make and the finished hats are more usable than the previous pattern.

Thanks everyone for your patience with me while I work this out.

Crafty Update

A wonderful Indian lady asked me to make a dress for her little girl for when she travels home to India.

Her idea of 'not baby' yellow and mine were vastly different, but I did finally understand what she wanted. So we went with Patons Astra in "School Bus Yellow". And is it bright! It turned out to be a wonderful color for the set. The set is called "Yellow Rose". I think its in a book called "Beautiful Baby Dresses" put out by Annie's Attic

I accented with olive green and brown sheer ribbons and sparkly vintage looking buttons. I could not find a sew-on flower to save my soul. I am hoping that the lady that ordered the set likes it as much as I do.

The hat is my pattern, so look for it in my free stuff----> It's called "Lacy Baby Hat". It fits about 6 months.

He really does love me...

My girlfriends mother just passed away and she sent home a plant with me that had a few carnations in it as well.

One day as I was sniffing one of them Mr. Man was watching me so I said "*sigh* I guess the only way I'm ever going to get carnations is if somebody dies." (So I don't have alot of tact...sue me).

WELL....I said nothing further about it! For Valentine's Day, who walks in with a bouquet of carnations for little 'ole me??? You guessed it!...Mr. Man!

On one hand, I think I badgered him into it...on the other hand...I wanted to find something suspicious about it (he just doesn't ever seem to do these things without a 'higher up' saying something*a higher upwould be one of my parents*)...then on the third hand(I'll have to borrow one of his)...I decided that I would just be greatful that he did it! So I'm staying with the third hand and sharing my pretties with you!

The white flower on the left has the bessssst smell. There might not be much left...I think I sniffed it all out. :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Whoever invented snoring should be shot.

After 15 years Mr. Man has decided he's going to learn how to snore.

It took me months to get used to his mouth breathing irregularities when we first began to share a bed. But, I did it. I have even come to depend on his 'breathing' to sleep peacefully.

But snoring....
Snoring is a whole different ball of wax. With snoring, it's not just a matter of really funky deep breathing issues with the occasional pause for 1 or 2 seconds to freak the crap out of now adds snorting, gurgling and full-scale pauses for breath.

It's irregular.

I'm a white noise kinda girl. Gotta have a fan. Anything without a consistent 'whir' to it wakes me up. Breathing whirs...snoring does not.

To top it off Mr. Man has also now decided in his unconscious state to start sleeping on his right side....facing me....

Um. Yeah. I fear I may have to sleep in a different room.

Am I a total hypocrite? You betcha. Do I snore? Absolutely. Do I have toxic breath? OOOH yeah! But I've been snoring all 15 years. It's not something I decided to add in to spice up the marriage. He's used to it. He sleeps through it (or so he tells me). And the breath was never an issue, cuz he always slept on his left side!

Here's why it's ok for me and not for him:
#1- I don't hear me.
#2- I don't smell me.
#3- I don't wake me out of a dead sleep at 2 am.

I know there is logic in here somewhere. Although in my sleep deprived state, I'm not sure where.

Once awakened in the middle of the night, I rarely go back to sleep without first enjoying a few hours of ceiling staring. Or the feeble attempt to doze my way back to complete sleep. It never works. Oh does, only I usually fall asleep with about an hour to an hour and a half left before the alarm goes off.

Good times, good times.

Ok, well, I'm going to go and attempt to sleep on my couch, provided the dog doesn't think he needs to keep touching my hands with his wet nose or give me kisses just because I'll be on his level.

Here's hoping you slept well!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Never say never....

....How many times have you heard that in your lifetime?

...How many times have you said..."I'll never do that...say that...again"?

....How many times have you said..."I'll never do it to begin with"?

This is my "Never Say Never" for this week:
I said I would never knit a blanket.
It's just too much work. Too many stitches. Too much this, too much's just too much.....'s my lavender baby blanket. It's essentially a huge dishcloth pattern. I'm winging good luck to me....

Btw, I started taking vitamins today. Another semi-never item on my list.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I left my last entry with a bit of a sour taste.
Just wanted to update for those of you who care. I had a great time with Tony in Minocqua. I didn't get my carnation....I guess he didn't read my blog. LOL (anyone who knows Tony knows that would NEVER happen...he can't "work" the internet) But, the German pub we went to was adorable. The name is Otto's and if you get the chance to all means...Go! We just ordered basic burgers..but were they good! They even went the extra mile and made me some red cabbage as a side when they didn't have any 'currently available'. That was awesome! I tried to find a website for them, but alas, they don't have one. Regardless, the place had a lot of charm and some really fun live music. Granted it was very loungey music, but fun none-the-less.

We walked all around town. Silly Tony wore his cowboy boots and froze. So one of our missions was to find a pair of shoes for almost impossible feat. They didn't seem to have a single shoe available (except at Walmart) in the city. But eventually we walked into a men's store that had some really nice leather casual shoes and we picked him up a pair.
We also bought him a new wedding band since his fell off of his hand in the middle of the night(after losing 50 lbs) and was never seen again. (maybe when we move someday) We found some really nice Titanium ones. I never realized how light Titanium was. And there's a Canardly diamond in it. Never heard of a Canardly diamond? Well it's a diamond that's so small you c'nardly see it! LOL Those are the size diamonds that it doesn't even pay to write their information on the advertisement card cuz they almost blend in with the metal! That's ok...he's not all about the diamond..he just wanted a band and liked the way that one looked.
We also bought him a new Dale Jr hat. He always wanted to wear his stuff but wouldn't because it advertised Budweiser. So now that he is represented by Mountain Dew (Tony's fave soda, btw) he feels comfortable in buying his gear.
I had fun buying him stuff. He never goes shopping and even if he does, he'll talk himself out of buying anything. It's rather irritating sometimes. So this time, there was just no good reason not to get what he wanted!
We then got to go and have an awesome supper at Marty's in Woodruff with the company that Tony and I work for. Perfect end to a perfect day!
On the crafty end of life..I have managed to finally complete something since Christmas! I made this totally adorable baby outfit as a sample for the store. It's Red Heart Soft Baby and it is truly soft. It's a 3 month sized outfit. I know it doesn't look like it, does it?
This is the book that I got the pattern from. I have recently started getting books and putting them in what I call my 'reference library' in the store. It's to give people looking for something new to do, but can't find a pattern...some inspiration and direction. I am also putting 'stitch dictionary' type books in both crochet and knit in this library. I figure it'll be helpful. ? I think.
Anyway...have to rave on this book just a little bit. Every single pattern in this book is 'to-die-for cute'! I want to make every one of them!
I also whipped up a pair of sample mittens for a free pattern we have in the store...but I didn't take a picture of them. So two things down for 2008! Yay!
There was something really profound I was going to tell you....but it has totally slipped my mind. So Tah for now!