Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He really does love me...

My girlfriends mother just passed away and she sent home a plant with me that had a few carnations in it as well.

One day as I was sniffing one of them Mr. Man was watching me so I said "*sigh* I guess the only way I'm ever going to get carnations is if somebody dies." (So I don't have alot of tact...sue me).

WELL....I said nothing further about it! For Valentine's Day, who walks in with a bouquet of carnations for little 'ole me??? You guessed it!...Mr. Man!

On one hand, I think I badgered him into it...on the other hand...I wanted to find something suspicious about it (he just doesn't ever seem to do these things without a 'higher up' saying something*a higher upwould be one of my parents*)...then on the third hand(I'll have to borrow one of his)...I decided that I would just be greatful that he did it! So I'm staying with the third hand and sharing my pretties with you!

The white flower on the left has the bessssst smell. There might not be much left...I think I sniffed it all out. :)


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