Monday, March 10, 2008

100 Things About Me...

Misty suggested I do a 100 things about me list. When I read hers, I said we had a lot in common....we shall see! So here goes, in no particular order:

10 words that describe me:
1. Spunky
2. Fun(ny)
3. Loud
4. Laughing
5. Singing
6. Busy
7. Bossy
8. Loving
9. Soft
10. Sweet
**This is me describing me...others may think differently LOL

10 things I love about my family:
1. ....that we do everything together.
2. ....that I homeschool.
3. ....that I have a boy and a girl.
4. ....that my husband still calls me beautiful and never makes me feel fat.
5. ....that I've been married for 15 years.
6. ....that they are willing to try new foods.
7. ....that everyone understands my need to sing and crochet/knit.
8. ....that we all love to read books and watch "Monk" on DVD.
9. ....that my husband bought a Madden football game just so he could learn how to play video games with his son, even though he(dh) doesn't like playing them.
10. ...that we all love and serve God.

10 favorite movies/tv shows:
1. White Christmas (Bing Crosby/Rosemary Clooney)
2. Remember Me (David Duchovny/Minnie Driver)
3. Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley/Matthew McFadyen)
4. Highlander (Christopher Lambert/Sean Connery)
5. Star Wars 1,3,4,5,6
6. Lonesome Dove-the original mini series
7. Monk
8. Highlander-the series
9. The Food Network-if I had tv, I would live on this station!
10. Star Trek, TV and Movies 1-7 (After that Kirk is dead, so who cares?!?)

10 thing I love to eat:
1. Pizza- sausage and onion OR spinach, artichoke, garlic, sun-dried tomato, & feta cheese
2. Spaghetti- my husband makes a KILLER sauce!
3. Donuts- triple chocolate bismarks (like twice a year, if I'm lucky)
4. Prime Rib Sandwiches without too much fat- total comfort food for your mouth.
5. Cream based soups- specifically broccoli, cheese, potato, or cauliflower soups.
6. Chinese- specifically fried rice and twice baked pork(nice and spicy).
7. Mexican- almost anything will do. :)
8. Cross-Cut fries, crispy with lots of salt and ketchup- I know its a heart attack on a plate, but thankfully I bless my food and I've been redeemed from that curse!! :)
9. Hanover's pretzel sandwiches with cheddar cheese.
10. M&M's or Reeses PB Cups
**These are my favorite foods...doesn't mean I get to eat them very often!!

10 favorite crafty things to do:
1. crochet
2. knit
3. take pictures
4. scrapbook
5. flower arrangements
6. paint- acrylic
7. paint walls in houses
8. beading
9. jewelry making
10. make my own clay beads

10 aspirations in life:
1. ....learn to speak fluent Spanish.
2. ....learn to speak fluent sign language.
3. a youth center in my city with a teen crisis center and tutoring clinic attached.
4. a 40's-50's style soda counter/candy store with vintage style toys and dolls for sale.
5. ....someday record an album.
6. ....preach at women's conferences.
7. ....minister to teen's globally.
8. ....learn to play the piano & guitar proficiently.
9. ....have a pristinely clean and organized home.
10....publish books.

10 favorites of music:
1. Desperation Band
2. Lincoln Brewster
3. Pillar
4. Plumb
5. Jeremy Camp
6. Mercy Me
7. Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
8. TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch)
9. Kutless
10. KJ-52
**And about a bazillion more....

10 favorite colors:
1. Red
2. Sapphire Blue
3. Orange
4. Yellow
5. Pink
6. White
7. Dark Brown
8. Avocado Green
9. Plum
10. Mustard Yellow

10 things I do not like:
1. People who marinate in their cologne.
2. The smell of vanilla.
3. People who network me.
4. Swearing for absolutely no reason. (I'll admit the occasional flies out of my mouth depending on my anger level- old man habit I'm trying to change)
5. Movies with too much sensuality or sex.
6. People who hurt/abuse others (wives, children, animals)
7. The liberal agenda.
8. The separation of church and state. Prayer being taken out of schools/courtrooms, etc.
9. Curry, Kidney Beans and Fish.
10. People who challenge my faith just to argue their point.

10 random things:
1. I love having my hair touched by my husband. It's one of the most intimate things I can think of.
2. When I am creating a new pattern I feel really smart. (Then I show 5 people just to make sure its good..LOL..insecurity issues)
3. I used to smoke in college. It almost ruined my singing voice. I tried quitting two or three times. The night that I rededicated my life to God, he told me to quit that night or I'd never sing for him again. I went to my car and broke two brand new packs of cigarettes and threw them out. I never craved another cigarette.
4. I have a thing for uniforms. I don't care if it's a cowboy, a fireman, a cop, a military uniform....they are just sexy.
5. I notice teeth and butts. I know, I know...strange but true. I'm not partial..if you have them(and you all do), I notice them. I have always been that way.
6. I crave water.
7. I love orange juice with massive amounts of pulp in it. I love to chew my juice LOL
8. I love praise and worship. I love being intimate with God in that way. It doesn't happen often enough.
9. I wish that I could have another child.
10. I wish I didn't live in Phillips.

OK!! Wow!! I didn't think I was ever going to find a 100 things to say about myself! Maybe it's more than you ever wanted to know! Maybe we aren't as much alike as I thought, Misty!

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  1. yes, we are quite similar!! :) take out the meat choices from your foods list and i'm all over it, i also want to learn sign language, love love love adrian paul (is he the hottest ever or what), i'm a foodnetwor addict, i notice teeth (i'm bummed about my own), and well, i pretty much agreed on everything except the seperation of church and state (too long of an expl here) and i love curry, but yeah, i think we have many in-commons... :)
    also, i love how you speak of your family and husband.. you inspire me to be really nice to mine. ;)


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