Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can we say...Work..In..Progress...

I feel like I'm not accomplishing much.

We'll start with this one because it causes me the most stress and hair loss. This yarn does not want to be this sweater....wait...nope...I just hate the pattern...so it has to go away. I don't care if the yarn gets down on the floor and begs me to make it the sweater...it's not gonna happen. So this one is going to be a ball or two of yarn by the end of today.. :)

Then we still have my mom's socks from Christmas. Although I'm thinking they will be done this week. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Here we have the Patons Merino wool destined to be a man's sock. I had a sock done up to the instep and then discovered I had decreased too many times in the heel. So I looked at it, decided I really didn't want to make that sock anyway, and ripped the sucker out. Then promptly cast on a Paton's pattern from their new sock booklet they put out. As soon as I saw it, I had to have the book and I'm not gonna be sorry, I already love the book and I'm only on the first pattern out of it! This is the "Basic sock in worsted weight". Instructions are very simple.

Here we have one of many ballband's that I have been working on. These are my 'in-between projects, but have to keep my fingers moving' projects. So it'll sit there till I get bored doing what I'm doing.

Then we have the ever-present lavender baby blanket. I started this to be a baby gift in January. We'll be lucky if I finish it this year.

And all of these things have been pushed to the side because I've had to work on designing this!

I wont' say anymore right now, cuz this one I think I might actually submit to be published...?? dunno. But I don't want to ruin my chances with the fussy magazines!

You'll notice all my UFO's and WIP's are knitting. What does that tell you about me? LOL


  1. ummm, it means you don't prefer to knit???? lol that's ok, i still like you anyway. :) you should see the one thing i've ever crocheted... yuck--eee

  2. hey i tagged you.. just sharin the bloggy love.. check out my blog :)


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