Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Catching up AGAIN...

I always seem to do great at posting and then ...I don't.

Here is the last week or so of my life:

1st up we have the kitchen swap box that I got from my partner Theresa (Everyday Crochet) from Minnesota! We were involved in the Crochetville Kitchen Swap. Lots of fun. I made her a bunch of scrubbies and some dishcloths. And then a bunch of other stuff got put in her box. She sent me yarn and potholders and a game and pencils for the kids. A towel, a scrubbie, a notepad and some candy for everyone. Plus, a teapot shaped recipe/picture holder.

Theresa and I both homeschool our kids. She has four rugrats!

Next up are the newest additions to our family. When Bailey was put down we promised the kids they could get some animals as long as they lived in containers and couldn't beat Mack up. They were looking at turtles...then we settled on lizards. The day that we went to look at the lizards and sorta get an idea of what we'd want, we were all so creeped out by them that we couldn't stand the thought of bringing any of them home....I mean one of them had an over 6" tail...gross! Soooo...we meandered over by the cute little fuzzy critters and the kids chose to get Russian Dwarf Hamsters. We made them wait one week for the decision to settle and then we went back to get them last Saturday.

Stefani chose this little girl and named her "Nelly". She was sitting in the food dish when Stef chose her and so Stef said, "See, she likes to eat, just like me!" :)

Nelly is timid. Nelly really hated being touched at first and Nelly liked to think she could bite you, but her mouth just isn't big enough...LOL We've been taking things very slowly with them and not letting the kids handle them constantly. Just letting them get used to our smells, etc. Well, today was Stef's triumphant moment...Nelly crawled into her hand all by herself. She has a beautiful disposition.

Here we have "Zoe". Teo decided that was what he was going to name his hamster before he even chose her. Zoe means "life". And holy cats, did he choose a lively one! She is always looking for a way to escape! When you hold her you can't relax for a second or she'll bungy jump off of you (obviously without a cord)! She's constantly on the move. When we put her in the run around ball she cruises.

Zoe has the most adorable white paws and a white stripe on her belly. She is incredibly hard to get a decent picture of because just as you get your camera set...she moves... hence the next picture....
Teo loves her to death. They both love their hamsters. I'm so glad they chose to get them instead of lizards. These guys are doing really well with being handled. They don't bite you unless you bother them while they are sleeping. They are a hoot! Oh and Zoe poops....constantly!

Last, but not least, we have my kids. :) Yes, I only have two. But, the others are my 'kids' too. R-L we have Teo, Stefani, Mandy, Brandon and Nick. Brandon and Nick are both being shipped out next month. Brandon to Afghanistan and Nick to Iraq. Keep them in your prayers. Nick is stationed with Brandon in NC. Brandon and Mandy are cousins and kids that we grew very close to while they were in our youth group.

Anyway, we had them over for supper last week cuz Brandon was home on a week's leave. This is the last time I will see him until he comes back from Afghanistan. Why can't they just stay kids forever? I miss the good 'ole days.

On that very melancholy note I will end my recap.
Till next time.


  1. those hamsters are adorable!!! and i want to thank you by stopping by my blog.. you left a post on my weight loss post (about elbow grease) and i somehow missed it! i recognize your picture from ravelry (maybe the crunchy christian group?)... good luck on you and your husband's weight loss ventures.. wanna be an online buddy support system??

  2. I would love to be an online support system! That's a cool idea!


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