Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Apologies

Just have to say a quick sorry for falling off the face of the earth for a few weeks. It's been a complete roller-coaster ride around here.

Mom got sick with pneumonia and we have spent alot of time with her. Well, last weekend (while I was gone to a women's conference, no less) she went in for 'emergency' surgery on her right lung. An absess formed in her lung the size of my dad's hand. It was hiding behind the 'pneumonia goo' in the xrays, so nobody was catching it. Then somebody saw it and said, "you have to come in for a CT scan". So she went in...3 hospitals later, she was finally at the place where she could get surgery done. They did it late on Saturday. I was able to be there with dad at that point because the conference was over and the girl's just dropped me off on the way through.

Apparently she had the best surgeon available. That, of course, was by the hand of God. The surgery was so aggressive in the scraping of the lung and removal of the infection/pneumonia goo and such that it caused her lung wall to be severely thinned. She ended up with a 2"x1/8" hole in her right lung. If it could have been surgically fixed, they would have. It had to heal/scar on its own.

3 hours AFTER surgery was done...we finally got to see her. By then my dad is irritated because nobody has been forthcoming with ANY of the info. All they said is that they were trying to stabilize her. The only person we've really had any contact with by this time is the amazing surgeon...who has the bedside manner of a rock. Basically snapping back at my dad because my dad is concerned about the 2 hour drive he still has ahead of him and he STILL hasn't been able to see my mom AND Noone is talking to us! The amazing surgeon yells back at him about how he's in the same position, he hasn't been able to see his family either, and getting angry about isn't going to help. WHAT A JACKASS!!!! (Lord, please forgive my mouth) No sir, you are NOT in the same position we are in. You may not have been able to see your family...but is your family in the freakin' ICU?? I think NOT! Has your family just been through major surgery??? I think NOT! Is your family on the verge of death???? I THINK NOT!!! So back-off CHARLIE!

Ok, so I let the cat out of the bag. Mom was in the ICU at this point. She was hooked up to a double ventilator and in a chemically induced coma that they didn't anticipate even thinking about waking her up from until Wednesday...maybe...if all the planets aligned in the right order...
Air was escaping into her body cavity every time the ventilator was used, so they had a tube that was sucking the air out of her so that the pressure wouldn't build and hurt her heart. It was a constant bubbling sound.

Well, let me just tell you this. She is beating ALL of the odds. We took the info they did give us to battle in prayer. satan doesn't have the right to steal my mom's life, her time, her energy, or cause her to be in debt and lack from this. satan doesn't have to even be battled. he is under my feet and subject to the name of Jesus!'s the update!

1) 20 minutes after our basically 3 hour prayer meeting at church on Sunday: They had removed one of the ventilators, they were having to give her more morphine to keep her under cuz she was fighting to wake up, they were talking about a feeding tube and she was the most peaceful they had seen her since Saturday.

2) By Sunday night when my dad went to see her: She was awake and responding, she could nod her head and shake it and squeeze my dad's hand.

3) By Monday when I went in to see her and dad went later: She was sitting up when I got there in the afternoon, she looked bright and her skin color was pinking up nicely, she was on oxygen, still had the tube in but the ventilator was not running. When dad went he said that he only heard the bubbling tube twice in the hour that he was there. That means the hole was healing!! :)

4) By Tuesday when dad went to see her: They were talking about removing the second tube, but still hadn't, she was able to write dad a note for the first time. He said that the hole was still healing extremely fast.

5) By Wednesday when dad went to see her: They actually removed the second tube, she is on an oxygen mask, she is sitting up, they talked quite a bit through notes and nodding, she still has the feeding tube but they are planning to start her on clear liquids today, they also told my dad that what she has gone through is the equivalence of a gun shot to the chest/lung.

6) Today is Thursday: We will be going as a family to see her tonight. We are expecting great things! She is a miracle! God is so good!

Thanks to all of you who knew and were praying.

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