Saturday, April 05, 2008

WIP's ..AND..A Music Review!!

Ok. We'll start with the butterfly afghan that I am currently working on. Another project for the lady from India. This is actually project #3 for her, but I didn't show you project #2 cuz...just cuz. This is from the Dragonflies, Butterflies, and More afghan book by Sandy Rideout. They are all so lovely and I want to make every one of them, but I need to get through this one first. OH, I should let you know. There is no afghan in that book that looks like this one. Mrs India wanted the basic color scheme and style of the dragonfly afghan, but with butterflies. Since the patterns were so close it wasn't hard to convert them over at all.

Next we have Sock #1 of Pair #2 from the leftover Christmas Knits. I'm loving the colorway of this Patons, but I really don't like where the colors are choosing to pool. You can't see it in these pictures but the opposite side of the sock has a big white streak where the tan/blue decided to come together.

This is yet another preview of a free pattern I will be posting. I'm sure you are all getting sick of hearing that one! I have GOT to get some of these patterns posted soon. The only reason I'm holding off on this one is that I don't have all of the components together and I want to show you the whole set before giving you the pattern. This is going to be part of a new 'rewards' system we are implementing in our house! Updates on this project soon!

And here begins our music review! In my store I also sell Christian music, books, DVD's and Bibles. One of the joys of this is that the music company that I go through sends me pre-release albums periodically. I know I don't get alot of them, but I think its fun and I love listening to all the different groups coming out. Here are some that I thought deserved mentioning.
Joel Auge is a very, very, very, very mellow cd. This is his debut album. It is good. It is mostly folksy and off the beaten path. I personally was counting down till the last song. After a while they all started to sound the same. I think I will be handing this one off to a girlfriend of mine whom I know is a folksy music lover. I do have to say that there were about 3 songs that really got me interested. He is a very interesting song writer.

Next up is Tenth Avenue North. They have one song on the radio that seems to be climbing up the charts. I enjoy them alot. They are very good 'background noise' cd. They are fun to listen to. To me the lead singer reminds me of Switchfoot in his vocal presentation. I would definitely classify them as a 'poppy collegy sound' sort of like Jars of Clay without all the minor chords and weird songs.

Are you ready for some punky styled P&W? A mix between United (music) and Inhabited (vocals). Very interesting indeed. I enjoy most of their songs. Some of them are funky. Most of it is very fun to listen to.
Last but not least today...we have Warren Barfield. If I wasn't married already, I would have the biggest crush on this man! Musically, he is my soulmate. :) Soul, R&B(especially on Unleashed), Rock, Blues, Slightly Poppy, Slightly Country....every song is a blissfully, melodic, pan of brownies! :) LOL Of course anything that makes me really happy is going to be linked to food somehow!! LOL How is it that I am just discovering this man's talent now? *sigh* All that time wasted!!!
A couple more noteworthy bands coming up are Fireflight(rocker chick band that blends the stylings of Plumb, Barlowgirl, Hannah Montana-just one song- ,and Superchick into an awesome jam album!) and the sophomore album of Eleventyseven(total techno/punk rock'n'roll).
Just so's everyone remembers...these are my words...not anyone else's so if you don't find the same info about these people somewhere else....that's cuz I said it, not them..LOL These are only MY opinions!


  1. I love the butterfly afghan! It's adorable! Sorry about the socks, they still look good, but stripey yarn can be a pain sometimes. And I do like Fireflight but I'm currently in an oldies mood, like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra mood. Will probably get out of it soon!

  2. i love the butterflies! almost makes me want to crochet--yikes!! :)
    i'm intrigued by the musicians... may have to check a couple of them out!


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