Friday, May 23, 2008

DONE!- Teo's Babette Blanket- The Sci-Fi Vortex

The Babette is DONE! We have affectionately nicknamed it "The Sci-Fi Vortex"...due to its color scheme and the way it looks in my son's room. Who knew it would be a totally perfect fit?? (Besides him...)

His room is painted in the Buzz Lightyear color scheme from Home Depot, however, there are no Buzz decorations anywhere in his room. It's just a really cool color scheme. You can't see it, but on the other side of his room is a screaming yellow door, red trim on his closet and window and an orange entertainment cabinet.:) He has a great affinity for stuffed animals. The ones on the opposite side of his room are the ones that are too big to stuff on his bed with him. They are all facing the wall because he doesn't like their eyes looking at him at night.....

We went from this at bedtime:

To the only part of him poking out of the blankets this morning:


  1. It looks fab! Love it! Great job.

  2. pretty stinkin impressive!!! wow! that's funny about the eyes...

  3. Oh my gosh! It's huge! Complete props for crocheting a blanket that big! I don't think I have the patience for it.

  4. lucky kid!

    awesome job!


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