Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Intimate Thought- Rated PG-13

I hope you don't mind if I ramble for a minute or two.

As I was sitting here knitting this morning my mind wandered back to Tuesday night while we were playing games with some friends. We were playing Scattergories in 4 teams of 2. Tony and I decided to be paired together...seemed the natural thing to do since we are married. Anyway, teams would scoot away from the table so that we couldn't hear each other whispering our answers. Well, Tony was writing the answers and I was supposed to be all brilliant and tell him all kinds of things to write down...yeah, right. The first time we scooted back I rested my face on his shoulder to see the pad of paper...well, my mind went blank. And not because I couldn't think of anything...I had a few brilliant was because I was touching Tony. LOL

I know that sounds wierd. We've been married fifteen years. You would think things like that don't happen anymore! Not so. I think sometimes life gets soooo busy and soooo involved that we forget what an intimate thing it is to be able to touch another person. It wasn't like Tony was dressed super nice or had done anything special to himself, although he did smell good..but he always smells good. It was just the warmth of him and the strength of his muscles through his t-shirt that made my mind go all gah-gah. I think men have a secret stash of muscles that they pull out for moments like that! LOL

So anyway, I wasn't much help until Tony handed the pad off to me and told me to write the answers down..LOL Then I couldn't rest my face on his shoulder anymore...*sigh*

Sometimes when life is moving so fast it's hard to appreciate the little things. Every day is so busy and everyone is always so tired. As a married couple you fit love making in where you can...sometimes you are even awake enough to enjoy it..LOL...but life isn't only about love making and having sex. It's so much more intimate than that.

The smallest of touches. The tiniest whiff of the warm scent of your lover. Revelling in the sweetness of their smile, the twinkle in their eyes and the way their eyes soften when they look at you, the way they love their children....all of it is so telling. Learning to appreciate the friendship that you have, being able to enjoy the same forms of entertainment...just hanging out and watching football and nascar together. The fact that even though he doesn't understand how to do it, he still appreciates all of our knitting and crocheting efforts and understands the work that goes into it.

They may not do all the 'little jobs' we have for them. They may be lazy and not pick up their socks and undies (or hang up their clothes after church). They may be neater at work than they are at home (how that happens??? I don't know). They may not always say "I want this specific item for supper"...instead of always leaving it up to your imagination. But, ya know, if that is the worst of it?...I'd say I have it pretty good.


  1. i'd say you have it pretty good, too! as do i. we are blessed women. i loved reading this post b/cs it's just so encouraging to know you can be THAT intimate even after years of marriage (15 yrs still seems forever to me!). thanks for sharing.

  2. hey chica, i tagged you! mosey on over to read about it if you wanna play!


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