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Friday, June 27, 2008

'Tweener Project...for all you wine drinkers...*wink*

Here's another 'tweener project. I copied this pattern by Drew Emborsky ages ago. I found it last week while I was rifling through some papers. Since I am currently experiencing 'project funk'...I thought, "Ok, I'll give these a try." I totally fell in love with them...totally...
They are THE easiest things to make ever. AND they are totally practical and functional when you are done. I discovered that you can get 8 flip-flops from one solid ball of Sugar 'N Cream...and 6 flip-flops from one variegated ball of Sugar 'N Cream. I still haven't made it through the whole ball of white. You can get an awful lot of flip-flop straps out of one ball of white.

I decided to make these for wedding gifts. All the colors pictured represent sets of 4 in each of the colors. I'm going to throw together the 'leftovers' from the variegated sets into a mix and match set.
As you can see from the first picture and the last picture, I embellished some of the flip flops. The first picture shows some that I beaded. The last picture I just put matching butterfly buttons on the front of the straps. You can do quite a bit with these to make them individual.
Sort of like wine glass charms...only not. And now the wine glass won't leave rings on your tables. Of course, I don't drink wine and don't use wine glasses, so I have no idea if they leave rings or not. I just assumed they did..:)

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