Monday, August 04, 2008

A Little Story With a Worthy Plug

I felt like I should explain what the "Give Kids The World" fundraiser thingie on the right is and why I would have it on my blog.

My daughter Stefani was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 4 years ago. When she was past the worst of her chemo and began maintenance, she chose to go to Disney World for her "Make-A-Wish" trip.

Well, when you go to Disney World Wish you stay at a place called "Give Kids The World Village" where they supply you with tickets to the different amusement parks...more than just Disney(we even went to GatorLand)...and give you tickets to dinner theaters. They provide you with a villa to stay in. Your food is provided free of charge. You get to meet Disney characters EVERY morning. They give you gifts, on top of gifts, on top of gifts.... You get to meet Disney artists, Santa Claus, and Mayor Clayton (he's the mayor of the Village). They have mini-golf, a theater, several pools and small water parks, a new CandyLand play area, a really cool building that houses toy trains and boats you can drive by remote, and I can't forget the Ice Cream Palace that serves banana splits, cookies and other various things ALL DAY! They encourage you to eat banana splits for breakfast, LOL! The other favorite for our kids was the Castle. It had a carousel that looked like a mushroom. The inside of the castle was magical. It had a wishing well and a starry-night ceiling and a game room. You could make and stuff your own feather pillows, they had dress up clothes and a throne-room....and some pictures that talked. It was really neat. They also have pizza for delivery until like 1 in the morning or something like that. We only used it once...but it was fun!

ANYWAY...all of this is done, worked, completed, and is made to happen ONLY through donations and volunteers. The Disney characters and handlers donate their time to the village....the people that serve you breakfast and dinner are all volunteers....the people that walk around making balloon animals are all volunteers...the people that run the carousel, train building and mini golf are all volunteers.....Are you getting the point? They run solely on donations and they are such a worthy cause. Even the smallest donation makes the biggest difference.

I can't tell you what that trip meant to our family. It was truly once-in-a-lifetime.....

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  1. i miss you, friend!
    this post made me kinda weepy b/cs i grew up at st jude since my mom worked there.... and i know just how important volunteers and donations are! i'm SO glad S got to do this amazing experience!


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