Saturday, September 27, 2008

Extreme Fatigue

Here's the last three days:

Thursday: woke up @ 3:30- got up @ 4:30- stayed up the rest of the day, got to bed late due to a wedding rehearsal that took forever.

Friday: woke up @ 5:30- got up- stayed up- dealt with wedding that Tony officiated(which to give you a small clue, the girls were at the church at 1:30 they still weren't dressed, make-upped or curly-haired....the wedding started @ 2pm...the groom got to the church and left again TWICE before actually making it back to the church @ 1:45....needless to say, you can imagine how tense I was)- took Teo out to celebrate his 12th Birthday, fell asleep in the movie theater...something I NEVER do- got to bed @ 1-ish.

Saturday: woke up @ 5:30- could've cried- got up @ 7:00- have been up all day dealing with our local Harvest Fest, which means that my store had to be open, and our Youth Group sold gourmet toffee and popcorn as a fundraiser.

My contacts burned putting them in today. I have a headache sitting right behind my eyes. My body is so fatigued I almost can't stand the thought of doing anything.

Oh my.

You have to understand my normal bedtime is about 9:30-10, my wake up time is 7am, I get lots of sleep. But, not the last few days. Part of it is because of some ridiculous debate I found myself stuck in the middle of on Ravelry. Thankfully I've successfully ignored all the jabs at me that have popped up since wising up and leaving the conversation. (I'm not a liberal...I'm very conservative...we disagree...alot). BUT, for whatever reason this stupid conversation wakes me up at ungodly hours of the morning because it bothers me. Why can't I just let that go?!?

Well. If you have a mind to, keep me in your prayers. I have a HUGE week ahead of me. We are celebrating my dad's 25th year of ordination with special speakers every night at church...and I still have to bake bread tomorrow...and make chicken chili for Wednesday...and I'm so tired.

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