Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

All of a sudden I realized that I hadn't blogged in a really long time. Then as I sat there thinking "What?!? do I have to blog about?" it occurred to me. I just don't have that much going on. And the batteries on my camera died as I was attempting to take pictures...

So here's what I did get:

1) Secret blankets that I can't really tell you anything about.

2) A "pattern-on-hold" hanging out on a shelf. I am waiting, rather impatiently, on my Christmas yarn to show up so that I can complete it.

3) More patterns waiting to happen. I wish I could get my Christmas knitting/crocheting out of the way faster so that I could work on the stuff floating around my head, making me crazy! I just wish this picture didn't show how big of a slob I am.

4) The beginning of my packing. Did I tell you that I've put the business up for sale? No bites yet. I am wishing that I hadn't signed a contract now. I would like to just close the store. It is causing me stress, financially, and I would like to not be stressed.

5) A semi-finished project in the form of a turquoise comfort shawl in Homespun. I hate working with the stuff, but I loved the color so much I just had to do it. I opted to use huge needles (size 15) and make it light and airy and fluffy. I have worked on 10's/11's with this stuff before and hated every blinkin' second of it. But, this one I loved so much I am currently working on a second in gorgeous fall tones. :) This one is still waiting for its finishing and fringe. I'm still undecided about the fringe..although, I'll probably give in and do it.

6) Some lovely hats donated by Mary M. of Red Wing, MN. She owns MacKnits, Inc. and does beautiful work. I don't think I've ever told you about her. She is the lovely lady that taught me how to make socks and do the kitchner stitch without wanting to rip my hair out. The link that I provided just shows her work...I don't think she has a website...*gasp*..anyway, these will be getting donated to the local elementary school. :) Thanks Mary!

7) Last, but not least, is from the mystery lady that walked through my back door at work today (not a public entrance, mind you) saying "Oh I come through the back door all the time. " I was like.."Are you sure you have the right store, cuz I own this one and I don't know you". LOL But, not to look a gift horse in the mouth...she dropped off a grocery bag full of mittens and scarves that she has made to be donated to the children of the Ladysmith Time Out Shelter. So I"ll have to make a special trip over there now. I, sometimes, wish that I wasn't such a person of integrity. Cuz, then I could just drop this off at the local elementary school and call it 'donated'. But, she made them for the Time Out Shelter kids...so to the Time Out Shelter kids they will go. With a smile. And a cheerful heart.

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