Saturday, September 13, 2008

Log Cabin Progress and Future Plans

I've been working diligently at dad's log cabin blanket for Christmas. I only have three top/bottom logs and one side/side log, then I am going to close it in with the black all the way around. The colors are a little bit of everything neutral. The one exception being the latest logs have blue/teal in them. But those are going to be closed in by a dark brown that will make them seem less 'chaotic'. The gray color and the reddish-brown logs are handspun llama done by a local spinner. That's the only fancy yarn in this afghan. Otherwise all the rest is basic Patons Merino Wool. I'm really happy with the way this is turning out.


And here we have me dreaming. The first pic is of some basic 4 st cables and one called "sand". The second is of a fan and cable pattern with some other more intricate cables on the sides. I am currently planning out an afghan with the 'sand' and 'fan' patterns broken up by the simple 4 st cable done in gray in the top picture. I'll be avoiding fancy cables for now. The simple one looks easy enough. But I just fell in love with the sand pattern! Then I decided that would be too plain by itself, so I'll have some panels of the leaf thing in there to break up the monotony. Wish me luck. Any yarn suggestions??


  1. !!!!
    i love that fan pattern!
    sooooo pretty!
    enough !!! yet? lol
    no yarn suggestions tho, but i'm totally impressed w/ your cables. i've technically never done a cable but i know i'm gonna be sick of them by the time i finish my sweater!
    miss talking to you.. i'll shoot you an email before too much longer. how's the food thing going?

  2. Those cables are amazing! You might want to check out KnitPicks' Shine Worsted. It is 60% Pima cotton, 40% Modal. It is very soft and though I've never made cables, I think it would bring them out nicely. Bonus: The yarn is cheap so if you don't like how it looks you won't be out a fortune.

    Again, I love those cables!


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