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I am 45. I am married to the love of my life. Together we have two beautiful young adults who bring me joy everyday. In 2015 we added another beautiful young adult to our house, our niece, and she has been a great joy! Secretly, I'm counting the years till grandbabies start coming; they just need to find their forever loves first.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holy Freakin' Cold, Batman

Yep, you heard me.

It's freakin' cold here! My grass was actually crunchy this morning.

I'm not ready for everything to be white.

Lovin' the frost accumulation on my clotheslines.

I was able to get all these lovely pictures whilst I was waiting for "Sir Sniffs-a-lot" to get done doing his business. Meanwhile my toes were frost-bitten. Thank you very much.

The longer I live here, the more I hate winter.

*Oh God, please move me somewhere warm.*

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Misty said...

no way. wow. i'm speechless. i've never no never seen frost before... like... december? wow. i wore a short-sleeved shirt the morning of my wedding... in jan. it got cold that night, but that day? wow.