Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Since My Last Post....

...I've turned 37. My dad gave me a stunning pair of pearl and diamond earrings. My kids and hubby made me a lovely supper! :)

...I've been to a baby shower where I gave one of the star afghans away and made two bibs-o-love and two burp cloths (Mason-Dixon Knitting) and received a very mediocre reaction from it all. Disappointing.

...Traveled to Michigan for a conference, only to find out when we got there that Dad had booked us one day short of how long we needed to be there....and we missed the last meeting of the conference. I was disappointed.

...Spent every waking moment practicing the kid's/teens/adults Christmas Program in my head. I wrote it again this year. The performance was this last Sunday. I thought they did a terrific job and Sam (my co-coordinator) said that lots of people really enjoyed it. She let me know that I only have to write it from now on and she'll take care of the choreography and getting everything ready. *whew, thank god for small miracles*

...I've done all my shopping for Christmas online, except for a few things I have to pick up this weekend. I am beyond stoked for Christmas. It is THE best time of year. Theoretically, I love to bake and decorate and have parties and all this stuff. My house is so small and in such a state of 'ripped apart' I couldn't have a party here if I wanted to. I just mentioned that to Tony the other night.."Remember all the Christmas parties we used to have?". *sigh* Those were the days. And as for the baking and decorating? Yeah. Who has that much time? Someday, I am promising myself this now, I WILL have an awesomely decorated house AND tons of baked goods to give away. I WILL!

...The yarn store has been blessed abundantly. God just keeps us going even during economic hardship. Some how, some way, the money is always there to pay the bills. And we've expanded. We've added the full line of DMC embroidery thread, Buttons, Ribbon, Fiberfill and Sewing thread to the store. While some people would read this and think "In a yarn store?", you have to understand that we are an hour away from anything big or good, 20 minutes from anything else. And its not an hour like in the city, where you might drive for a while to get to a specific store...No, this is an hour of nothing but trees, snow, deer and stupid drivers. So to be able to avoid driving anywhere but your local town is a blessing and a necessity.

...Speaking of snow. It's been -10 to -25 this whole week. Plus about 6 or so inches of snow. Yay. One day it rained, just for something different to do. Then it froze and plummeted to -10 without a windchill. It's been fun ever since.

...I've been so busy knitting and trying to complete things that it hadn't occurred to me to take pictures. Then one day I thought, "Hey, I should take some pictures so I can post them on my blog!! I mean, my gosh, I haven't posted in such a long time, cuz I've been really busy.", and my camera said 'low battery' and wouldn't take the picture. So I walk over to the drawer that holds the large packages of batteries that I purchased last month so I could grab two regular batteries to hold me over till my rechargeables are, yeah, my daughter apparently thought that she should burn through the entire package by taking LOTS of pictures and videos with HER camera. And by LOTS of pictures I mean, 25 of the dog in every conceivable pose, 10-15 of her cousin Bekah, at least as many of her brother and his friends, and about 75 of her cousin Jake, who are ALL cute, but not worth my entire package of batteries.

So still no batteries and still no pictures for you.

...Here's a rundown of what I've gotten done.
1- Kody's Christmas blanket (not posted because there need to be at least a FEW secrets, right Amy??)
2- 5 hats/mittens. One more hat to go.
3- 2 prs slippers, started another pair
4- 3/4 of Kyle's Christmas blanket (also not posted for the same reason as the other one. )
5- Ball ban dishcloths (they are just a staple)
6- 2 baby bibs-o-love and 2 burp cloths
Huh, that just doesn't look on paper like, as much as it feels like in person.

I'm sure I've gotten other things done...and maybe I haven't...but it sure feels like I've gotten more done.

Ok, other than that I don't know where the last half of November and all of December has gone. I really don't. And I apologize for not posting before this. I'll try not to let it happen again.

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Misty said...

and she posts!!! phew!!! thought i was gonna have to go to WI and knock some posting sense into you... ok, not... there is no way i'm going into negative degree weather. no way. :)
you have been busy!!! and fellow crafters know your list may be *only* 6 things, but gosh, that's a lot!!! i only got 2 sweaters done (baby)... ha!