Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adorning the Appendages...

What is today's subject?

Adorning our appendages.

Up here in the "Frozen Tundra", which has been romantacized by football officianados around the world as 'real football' but in reality just translates into 'frostbite fast' or 'frostbite slow', we need our appendages adorned. Even indoors. So here are a few things I'm working on or have finished.

First up we have mittens. Basic mittens in a family of sizes. This is the first winter I even attempted mittens. I'm still getting the hang of the 'length' thing for the fingers. Mine seem terribly roomy. This particular pair is for me. My gloves decided to die during our last -30 stretch. Well, we've hit the next stretch and I'm still running around in a pair of fingerless mitts that I swiped from the gift box out of desperation. When I get cold...I just tuck my thumbs inside..LOL I have one mitten done. I should really just start wearing the blasted thing. But, for fear of looking like a complete moron, I will just wait until I get the second one done. :)

I did make 4 pair of these in the smaller sizes for my brother's kids for Christmas. I think they all fit them...? Maybe one pair was a little roomy. Anyway. I love the pattern. It's easy.

Now to feet. Here we have the only picture I got of the 7 pairs of slippers I made from this pattern. It's called Ribby Knit Slippers or something like that in the Holiday Gifts from Interweave Knits...(it's the next picture). They are super easy. The pattern calls for Bulky yarn, and I didn't have any immediate access to any bulky yarn, so I used one strand Wool-Ease Chunky and one strand Wool-Ease Worsted. Then just used the worsted for the ankle sock part.
The ones in the picture are Tony's. One night he said "Pleeeeaaasssse make me a pair of slippers. I don't care if they match. I don't care if you just use a bunch of leftover thread. Just pleeeaaassse make me some slippers." How do you say no to that?? So I had some coordinating colors and used those up making him some slippers. He loves 'em.

This is how easy this pattern is. I made them in one night. Holy easy pattern, Batman!

There are a couple of sweaters in here I'm salivating over too. I think I'm going to have banish my 'I'll never knit clothing' rule. Cuz these are just too cute.
Next up are doggie slippers. Mack's feet hurt really bad when it's below zero. And he takes so long to get down to business that he ends up either laying down or trying go big potty like a tripod. Either way, he needed something for his feet. Well, this one was just a prototype. I have since revised them and they don't tie above his elbow anymore. They just fell off his feet like that. As a matter of fact, I think there is still one in the back yard. The others tie right above his ankle and don't fall off as easy.
When I put them on him you would think "Oh, the shame....." cuz he gets all submissive and lays down on his back like "Do I have to wear these things AGAIN, mommy??? What are the other dogs gonna think???" Except there aren't any other dogs and he can take as much time as he likes gettin' done because his feet don't hurt him. These were made out of 100% wool for the water repellant factor. He is absolutely hilarious to watch walk when he's got these on.
And Last but not Least...we have the Desert Booties. I made these for giving away. One is just your basic acrylic. The other is sort of a terry-cloth acrylic. HATED knitting these with the terrycloth one because it was nearly impossible to see the stitches. Otherwise...awesome pattern. Good stuff.

Ok. Next subject.....

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  1. Hey Biz! I need the pattern for the dog slippers. Magnus is having same issues, only with wet grass. He loves the snow though, go figure. Hope everything's going good!


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