Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Well, another year gone.

What to say, other than where did it go? And what did I accomplish/learn in it?

Answer to question #1- It landed in the 'landfill of yesterdays'.
Answer to question #2- Accomplish?...not sure, but I've learned alot.

On the hard side, I've learned alot of things I don't want to do again. I've learned patience for God's timing in my life. I've learned that I was at war in myself, flesh-man vs. spirit-man. I've learned that teenagers can be worse than 2 and 3 year olds, and they are freakin' hard to homeschool. I've learned, now that I'm on the verge of selling my store, that I absolutely love my job and I'm going to miss my store like I would miss a limb from my body. I've learned that everything I thought I wanted, turns out to be different when I'm faced with actually getting them.

Otherwise, I have had a terrific year. I'm learning how to live within the confines of a serious, adult budget. Ya know, the kind that actually puts money away for your future. I'm having a ton of fun with my mini-crocheting career. I have so many ideas for designs, and now that Christmas is over (after I finish 5 more pairs of slippers) I will be able to actually start producing some more new designs for all of you. That makes me happy. I've learned that I love knitting and I am becoming more and more intrigued by intricate patterns and I'm almost ready to start designing for knitting projects. That, too, makes me happy.

I've started my new year pursuing several marathons.
The Monk marathon on USA.
The Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network.
The Looney Toons marathon on Cartoon Network.

I never said the marathons involved exercise. :)

This year I need to buy a new camera. Mine has finally pooped out on me. The shutter won't open up anymore. I have used the absolute daylights out of it and it owes me nothing. BUT, now I need to buy a new one. So, now I need to get some pictures of Kody and Kyle's afghans with Stefani's camera. I totally forgot to take pictures before hand. I know, lame. I PROMISE to get pictures of the Fisher kids' hats and mittens and slippers I made them for Christmas. Turned out totally cute. The afghans turned out totally cute too. So once I get pictures of them, you can ooh and aah with me. :)

K. I'm going to go eat some supper my hubby has prepared and follow it up with some cherry pie.

Later gators!

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  1. we need a phone date!!! i want to chat!! happy new year to you and yours... love and hugs


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