Thursday, March 26, 2009

Could it be??

Could Spring really be on its way?

It has finally stopped raining and blowing torrential winds. A couple days there the wind was coming through every crack in the house. There seems to be a pause in the precipitation. It is only 30 degrees and last night it flurried. My son chose to see the bright side of things and declared that it wasn't was soft hail...:) Today, the sun is almost out. It's a brighter shade of gray than normal.

And I have about 15 robins in my front yard. Busy flipping leaves looking for nesting materials and food. There are probably more than 15 with the neighboring yards being swarmed as well. And yesterday I heard the song birds. I never realize how much I miss that sound until all of a sudden, one Spring morning, I hear them again. I'm so glad they're back. :)

Things are looking up, folks.


Chars said...

Glad that you are enjoying the signs of spring even if it hasn't quite arrived yet...

Here its supposed to be Autumn(fall) but we are still having HOT 42c days (which is apporoximately 107.6 Fahrenheit) After 5 months of these type of temps - I'm sooo over it!!!

Biz said...

I suppose its got to be as frustrating having the super hot temps for 5 months as it is to have the super cold temps for 5 months. I think we are in the same boat...:)

Aurora said...

Hi Spring is here and gone, then here again, but gone now again....its snowing out right now. LOL

I finished your Pokemon Charizard, you can see him here. Thanks so much for designing these wonderful patterns. My son loves ya!!